One hundred love poems (Philippine love poetry since 1905)

 One hundred love poems 
Philippine love poetry since 1905
Edited by Gemino H. Abad
And Alfred Yuson
UP Press, 128 pages

This collection of love poems penned by various Filipino writers in English spanning from 1905 to 2005 and edited by two notable poets Abad and Yuson is a delicious treat which I belatedly enjoyed by chance when I ordered it online together with my main books, the sugidanon or epics of Panay Bukudnon (up to book 7 is available). It is a UP Jubilee Student Edition and first printed in 2004 and went on fourth printing in 2014. I wish there is another collection of this kind in the next few years. 

So far, I liked all the entries I randomly read. Let me pick what I liked best so far:



  1. Hi, can you please share what online shop you purchased this book from? I just want to get a copy of my fave poem,"Bruise", which I know is included in the book. Thanks!

    1. Im sorry for the very late reply. it's the UP Press, pls check the UP website for it. Good luck


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