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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ricefields of Mindoro

Our roadtrip from Roxas, Oriental Mindoro where the Montenegro Lines RORO from Caticlan, Aklan arrives, to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro where the Tamaraw Sanctuary and the Pandan Island is closely located , can be summed into three words: Forest, Slopes and Ricefields.

The forest is lush green and richly stood as sentinel to the national highway which is sloping and curving so that we feel that we are riding with the "cool drifters." After the long stretch of forest, the sight of golden palay is so cool and the stretch of the ricefields awed us.

After passing by stretches of palays being harvested and after kilometers of palay laid on the national highway for drying Pinoy-style, we saw NFA bodegas. We were expecting to eat the local rice produce.

To our disappointment, we did not partake of the juicy newly milled rice as the carinderia and the Jollibee in San Jose, Mindoro did serve us dry and not tasty boiled rice.

At any rate, here are my photos of the road.

Ricefield is flanking the curving national highway.
As my friend who drove us asked why they did not make a straight highway
so it will be easier for the motorists to reach her destination.
"The shortest distance between two points is a staraight line," she said.
I volunteered, if they have a straight road,
they will run out of road to dry their enormous palay produce.
And we all laugh though we all know, its not a joke.

golden palay straws...

a pile of palay straws...

palm trees against the white skies.

sacked palay after drying them up in the highway.


photographing a long queue of sacked palay...

The gathered palay...

harvest time.

some harvesters of the day.

golden palay.

from rice to gold...

transporting a sack or two.

a shack by the ricefield.

another two sacks to transport.