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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fort San Pedro of Cebu

After the foreigners pass by, I got the chance to pose
at the facade of the Fort San Pedro of Cebu
The Fort San Pedro is one of the stops when visiting the tourist spots of Cebu City. It is facing the Plaza Independencia of Cebu City. Feeling the oldness of the fort and breathing in the cool air while seated on top of the wall fortress is a serene experience especially in the late afternoon. We saw a lot of foreigners and local tourists going in and out of this favorite spot.  We also saw pre-nuptial photo shoot in the park inside the fort.

In the  Plaza Independencia, the Malacanang of Cebu can be found. And just about two blocks away is the Magellan's Cross and Basilica de Santo Nino.

Posing by the door of the museum inside the Fort.
Photo taken by Ms. Cecile Mesias.

A tattered and aged vest with drawings...
story is in the next photo.

Vestidor of Hipolito Labra, a Kaputinero during the anti-Spanish revolution in Cebu. He was the longest serving Cabeza de barangay of Sapangdaku, Guadalupe from 1913-1967, 54 years. During the anti Spanish revolution in Cebu, the katipuneros led by Leon Kilat believe that wearign the vestidor would make them invincible.

The well with healing waters found inside the fort.

an admirable veranda on the way up the fort.

series of doors to the quarters.

fresh air and old stones


Fort San Pedro park is right in the middle of the stone fortress...

The fortress' entrance and exit.

The photo storyboard of the The Fort

FORT OF SAN PEDRO. The fort of San Pedro,
described in an official report of 1739,
is triangular in shape and made of stone and mortar.
The three bastions are La Concepcion, San Ignacio de Loyola
and San Miguel (Powder Magazine)

I was here, posing with a dear friend Ms. Cecile Mesias.