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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bugtong Bato falls of Tibiao, Antique

Bugtong Bato Falls is so called as the falls is perched in the midst of a lone rock. This falls is located just far ahead the Kayak Inn where one can stay overnight and soak in the warm Kawa bath as well as go kayaking in the flowing creek where the water comes from this falls. This is still one of the attractions offered by the eco-tourism of Tibiao, Antique.

One can go up the mountain by riding in a motorcycle (P35/pax) from the barangay proper and just about a 35-minute trek through the mountain trail and some small steep climb, one can reach the falls. From the highway, one can ostensibly see the signages of the adventures ahead. One can ride motorcycle from there too.

Tibiao is originally known for their tasty bread and now they are known in more ways than one. Visit Tibiao's website for more fun and info.

There are huts to rent just about 300 meters from the Bugtong bato Falls...
and that's Dot's Place where one can also sleep over and cook food.

This is the first stop of the falls. We have to climb up in order to see
the two more tiers of the falls.

The ladder at my left side back leads to the mother falls of this falls.

This rope leads to the Mother Falls of Bugtong Bato.

Some more poses while going up the mother falls.
Photo credit: Carlene Leonor

Enjoying the rock climbing going to the mother falls.
Photo credit: Carlene Leonor

Up close and personal with the instant climber.
Photo credit: Carlene Leonor

Enjoying the climb.
Photo credit: Carlene Leonor

I am a certified climber by now.... LOL
Photo credit: Carlene Leonor

Kayaking is one of the offerings.

Zipline ride is also a fun try there in Tibiao.

Posing by the blushing red orange kayaks.

Had fun in Tibiao like they did in this giant photo collage. 

Roughly did this too... I am a proud survivor.

The water falls...