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Friday, March 23, 2012

Chinese aren't stiff at all (And other Reflections after reading China Daily)

While we were treading the subway heading to the train stations, my friend bought me an English-language newspaper called China Daily which he wanted me to pose with while riding the train. I was just able to read it lately and this February 15, 2012 issue of the paper somehow introduced me to China.

(What we have an idea of)

1. It is obvious in the headline that day that China is an economic giant : BEIJING LENDS A HAND TO EUROPE  (Premier offers help but says only eurozone can solve its debt crisis).
2. China is eager to take the lead by giving importance to international relations.

3. Learning foreign languages is a serious business for people in China and its leaders as well.

4. Death penalty for drug makers/traffickers (there is a chinese businesswoman in the news penalized with it)

5.No facebook in China, we know that. Another disappointing news for foreigners already using this service: Sina Weibo which is a twitter-like service required Chinese ID numbers and real names by March 16.

Pleased to know
(What we don't know yet)

1. Despite the state-regulated media in China, I was kind pleased that there are universities that offer a degree in Journalism and communications

2. Chinese are not stiff at all. On page 7, one headline says: GOAT, DOE WED AT YUNNAN ZOO

3. We thought everything made in china is cheap or imitation but surprise, surprise: Chinese are serious about patents and trademark infringement too. One news says: "Tech firm seeks ban on Apple" as it claims they own the iPad trademark. Another says: VILLAGE IN TEMPEST OVER FURNITURE DESIGN PATENTS (Residents making similar products, one files for IP).

4. Chinese are going gaga over reality tv too. They have this SOLDIERS' SORTIE, a reality show seeking military top cop joined by males and its female counterpart called STAND OUT which is a reality show seeking a Charlie's Angel... "If they can stand physical tests and being yelled at while wearing a swimsuit, they are mentally strong enough and can better protect their clients," says the bodyguard agency founder who will hire the winner of the show.

5. Chinese are sure not that stiff; they are fashionable too: cosmetic surgery is "in" there too.

6. Sure they're not stiff: 50percent of respondents learn about sex through internet and 34percent have more than two sexual partners..."Attitudes toward sex changing in China" say so in page 19.

7. 13 days for drug use?! Surprised. "Actor finished with time behind bars".... the body mentioned, Zhang was caught using drugs on Jan 30. The law states he should be detained for 13 days.

Here's the link to the the website of China Daily: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/