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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Passi City is not just a passing charmer

PINTADOS is Passi's brand
Pintados, Passi's festival pride
Having been to Passi when it just became a city a little over ten years ago has placed me in a privileged position to say that Passi has gone a long way in transforming herself from a rural and slow economic zone into an urban and bustling one.

Just about 45-minutes from Iloilo City by Ceres Bus, Passi City is worth one's while. There are round-the-clock internet stations and bakeshops.  Some chill-out places can also be found as well as business establishments supplying every household essential from eggs to fruits to meat products. Banks and schools still serve and more are coming for sure. Meanwhile, agricultural products such as livestocks, sugarcane and the ever sweet pineapples from the city are staples that impressed visitors and by-passers who head to the nearby province of Capiz.

Pineapples, Passi's world-class produce

Pinya, Passi's delightful year-round agricultural produce
Passi City has indeed captured the interest of local and international tourists so that one acquaintance answered when asked where he is particularly in Passi , “Oh, I actually hail from San Enrique, a nearby municipality. I just say that I come from Passi because it is more popular, and easily identifiable for everyone outside Iloilo Province.”

Asking my actual and virtual friends for their impressions on Passi City, I gathered that Passi City is ever-growing in terms of her economic goals, ever-embracing in terms of her people’s response to changes, and ever-welcoming in terms of her people being friendly. 

 “I was impressed of how Passi pineapples tasted; it is so sweet. I think the city’s initiative to promote Passi pineapples and make it available all-year-round is laudable,” says Grace of Roxas City.

Still on pineapples, Jun from Mindanao who once went to an exhibit of provincial products said, “I find the pineapple wines and other pineapple products interesting. It is surely world-class.”

Meanwhile, I must say that Passi City is now prepared for tourists with city’s some chill-out places like the Tres Hijos and foodie’s niche like Midway as well as resorts. 

Jay from Jaro, Iloilo City opined that “Passi City is in good hands because the young and proactive Jesry Palmares is the mayor.”

“If I have to establish my next food business outside Iloilo City, I want it to be in Passi City as the latter is a booming place,” says Jenny of Bacolod City.

Mary of Japan excitedly relayed that “Pintados is impressive. Although there are many festivals whose concepts revolve on painted bodies like the all black Ati-atihan of Iloilo and Cebu, I must admit, I enjoyed the colourful Pintados de Passi when I chanced to witness it three years ago.”

Topping the list of impressions are the Passinhon’s charm and welcoming arms. Many love Passi City simply because of the good Passinhons they met at school, at work or even through facebook.  Lucky you are if you have a share of them too!

Midway, Passi City, Iloilo Province
Midway, an interesting place to go with its featured live tilapia, and backyard-grown lettuce for the salad.