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Friday, February 13, 2015

To love like an eagle (Inspired by a visit at the Philippine Eagle Center, Davao City)

Our tale starts not in who saw each other first.
We both simply soar high over this nesting territory.
Against the backdrop of our clear skies,
I dropped myself slantingly
and you incessantly trailed me.
You reached me with your majestic talons
and I found myself flipping over to offer you mine.
It was you who consistently cruised with me
and I made many calling sounds in return.
“Are we meant for each other?” I asked.
Then you brought some twigs
and I picked some leaves.
“We are!” you declared.
We both found our nesting territory.
And we made love in the nest and everywhere we can perch.
We do this not only to ensure the next generation
but we do this too to bond.
Our hatchling will leave us after two years if it survives
but we will never leave each other.
And every after two years, we love like it was our first time.
And our tale ends in who left each other first
because to love like an eagle
is to love “Till death do us part.”

Copyright Gerlie M. Uy

February 2015