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Thursday, February 12, 2015

25 reasons you should be in PAO (From the desk of a Public Attorney who just turned five*)

A pose with our PAO Chief Persida Acosta during the 2009 PAO Convention

1. First of all, you have the opportunity to serve the poor.
2. If you don’t know how to handle the commercial side of private practice, then this is your nest.
3. If you want confrontations all the time, here, you are inside the courtroom most of the time.
4. If you love the RPC, then you are in the right place.
5. If you are a true blue public servant, you are at home.
6. But here, unlike its counterpart, you may handle a civil case.
7. If you are a psychiatrist in your past life, you can summon such talent from time to time in handling ‘special’ clients.
8. If you avoid ‘toxic’ partners, you will enjoy serving this firm ran according to MC-18.
9. If you can deal with 8 to 5 work clock, then stay here.
10. If you have the patience to understand and remember over a hundred cases, come here.
11. If you value peace of mind over money vis-a-vis corruption, then here is the place to be.
12. If you are some kind of a lie detector, you will always put into practice such skill.
13. The pay is being improved in the advent of RA 9406.
14. If you consider your work as a home base, this is your family.
15. If you can live under minimalistic approach, you will overcome the challenge of limited office supplies.
16. If you hate bills from telephone to water to electricity and updating your secretary’s pay, this is where you have to think of your cases and clients.
17. If you are not to be bothered by BIR of many kinds of taxes, this is the place to breathe free.
18. If you want an opportunity to warn robbers never to rob your house, snatchers not to snatch your cellphone or thieves not to steal your bag, then being a PAO lawyer is the answer.
19. To see repentance, humility and eagerness to change in the eyes of a human being is one of the rewards of being here.
20. To see the eagerness to prove the truth and the innocence in the eyes of a human being is another reward to consider.
21. If you want to appreciate first hand the networking of the different government agencies which do not expect money or favors in exchange but for the sake of public service alone, then be here.
22. If you believe that it is better to free a hundred criminals than to imprison a single innocent person, here in PAO, we mean that as our business.
23. If you want to understand the importance of liberty, stay here.
24. If you want to do good and be thanked in return or do good and not even cared to be thanked, then here is a room for you.
25. If you want to spread KINDNESS to another human being, come to PAO. You are very well welcome here.
*I want to retain my original title on this piece. However, I have to be accurate: since my footnote in the original article says that I finished this piece on May 10, 2009, I should be celebrating my 5th year as a lawyer and 4th with the PAO.  This article first appeared in my now-defunct Friendster account. At the time I wrote it, I never thought I would be writing my tenth this year with the same office. I am glad I celebrated my tenth this year with same office!