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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Theaterrampe.de sends its approval to the serendipitous intervention

Theaterrampe.de sent its "solid regards" to the cause after knowing about the serendipitous intervention, that is, someone who believes in the theater's program superimposed a sticker on the "obscene detail nobody wants." This was how the art company concluded when it was informed through this blog (see link below) about the superimposed sticker on the infamous poster.

The theater company did not actually commissioned the sticking of the sticker. In fact, the sticker carries the theater's own political and critical claim. However, despite this non-commission from them, Theaterrampe sent its approval, which, this blogger believes sprang from their spirit of art appreciation tempered with artistic ethical responsibility.

Its brief, but very relevant letter, goes, "Thanks for the hint! In fact Theater Rampe did not put the sticker on the "detail nobody wants". But we do like this intervention. The sticker spreads our programmatic claim, which is linked to a political context and a critical discourse. So - whoever placed it there, we send our solidary regards."

While the posting by the sympathizer of Theaterrampe is not an answer to the cause's aim, it served a strong message to  Turmforum and the Stuttgart-Ulm Rail Project Society not to ignore the clamor led by Naomi Billard to put down the infamous poster! 

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