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Friday, December 12, 2014

"Walk, the past is behind you" stuck on the defecating person!

The detail superimposed with the words "Walk, the past is behind you." 

Germany-based Nurse and Filipina Naomi Billard, the proponent of the idea to scrap the poster bearing the misrepresentation of Manila from the public exhibition in Stuttgart-Ulm Rail Station as well as its immodest and unethical inclusion of the photo in public considering the defecating person in the detail (See related post links below), sent me this latest photo above.

A sticker was super-imposed on the spot where we wanted it to be. The sticker reads: "Walk, the past is behind you." (translation by Naomi). Below it is the word Theaterrampe.de which is a theater company or group. 

Definitely, this act of superimposing the sensitive portion of the photo is NOT the decision of the exhibit curators or organizers led by the Turmforum and the Stuttgart-Ulm Rail Project Society.

But this bold act of superimposing the sensitive portion of the photo from an art company or group is a statement by itself. The art group appreciated the clamor on modesty as well as ethical violation in the name of artistic license. However, is this really so why the a Theaterrampe superimposed the "obscene detail nobody wants"?

The writing that says  "Walk, the past is behind you." actually refers to the play that is ongoing according to Naomi. Does this mean that Theaterrampe was just promoting their play?

However, I must boldly venture in the opinion that Theaterrampe sympathized with the nameless poor Filipinos who deserve privacy and decency. It is NO coincidence that what was covered by the sticker and what was written on the sticker refer to "behind." It is, I believe, a pun intended. 

At any rate, this is a welcome development to the clamor since the New Year is approaching and the exhibit organizers are not doing anything in response and are most likely buying the time to end the exhibit, in time for the mounting of the new ones which they plan to put up by new year.

The photo with obscene detail.

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