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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My advocacy: Sharing our love for reading by sharing books

IN 2009, I gathered all of my books consisting of novels, condensed books of Reader's Digest, and some self-help books and gave it to the school in the fond hopes that they will find their way to the reader who cannot afford to buy books or who cannot decide yet what books to read. Actually, I have a twin intention. The other one was the hope that I can free my shelves too. And the recipient is my alma mater: Dona Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School (DHSBNHS) in La Carlota City, through the outgoing student government at the time.

I thought that was the last of it as I already cleaned up my bookshelves already. Until early in 2012, I decided to part ways with my old Reader's Digest and National Geographic issues. They were dear to me. Some of the earliest in the list of my reader's digest issues were second-hand when a family friend shared it to us after they were soaked in typhoon water.

I painstakingly gathered and dried each page, and bound them back together. Those were the days when I was still in elementary.

The author of this article receives her Certificate of Appreciation from Denny Castaneda, principal of DHSBNHS, and Socorro Lucenio, head teacher of English Department of said school, during the launching of the Reading Park at the school campus. (Contributed photo)
Meanwhile, the National Geographic issues fed my imagination for travelling and now that I had already seen the Great Wall and Terracotta Armies of China and the Angkor City of Cambodia, I wanted to pass on the food for my imagination and dreams of travelling one day.

Reading time nowadays has many competitions, from texting to Facebooking. Students prefer to be rewarded with load rather than books. Hence, the initiative like the Reading Park of my alma mater is a wise move. It is an initiative where I find that sharing my love for reading is realized by sharing my books and other reading materials.

The Reading Park

The Reading Park of DHSBNHS kicked off last week of November as one of the Book Week Activities of the school in observance of the National Reading Month. The park was conceived by the English teachers of the school after realizing that the K-12 program of the government reduced the five-days-a-week English class to four times a week.

So why a Reading Park when there is a library in the campus? The concept of making reading enjoyable and pressure-free is the main feature of the Reading Park. Here, the students will be allowed to loan books, magazines and other reading materials and read them under the tree or the waiting shed while waiting for their next class.

"You will be allowed to speak in your mother tongue here," emphasized Socorro Lucenio, head of the English Department, to student-attendees during the kick-off. She further explained that although the Speak English Club sponsors the activity, it does not follow that those who will borrow the donated books and magazines will be required to speak in English.

Aside from the pressure-free environment, the students will be allowed to make noise in the reading park, unlike in the silence-please setting of a traditional library. A teacher will be assigned in the park to assist the students in their discussions and in addressing their questions regarding the books and materials they are reading.

From the initial numbers of books and magazines donated, the teachers and students of the school hope for more to come. For more information on this project, please contact Ms. Socorro Lucenio at 0908709341. (Gerlie M. Uy)

Published in the Sun.Star Bacolod newspaper on December 05, 2012.



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old old train of La Carlota

The 1900s train of LaCarlota City dubbed as the "Iron Dinosaur" now welcomes all vistors at the entrance to the city; no need to go far and wide via tricycle where the sugar central is located just to see this vintage beauty. Of course, it is painted and looks like a souvenir item in the photo. So, the next time you pass by or visit the city, do take time to smile beside or behind this train... For more information on this city, located in Negros Occidental, do click this link. http://negros-occ.gov.ph/about-negros-occidental/cities-and-municipalities/cities/la-carlota-city/

Here are our photos taken just before the powerful sun sets..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Even for once (It feels good to be unfeeling about things )

Driven by an unusual force, 

I plucked off the rack 
the magazines and books
reserved for “future” research.
And by my by-hook-or-by-crook resolution,
I painfully lifted the old TV set,
the VHS rewinder,
the karaoke cassette player 
and others.
As if nothing before my eyes is enough, 
I ripped open the dusty plastic bags 
and one by one tossed to the can 
many “saved” things 
from discolored Tupperware to broken screws.

I should not feel anything about things.

Then, I opened the curtain to a familiar rack. 
I slowly gathered thirty-one pairs of my shoes and adjudged their destiny --
The faded, the broken, the ripped and the repeatedly repaired ones.
More than half was exterminated.
After that, I culled the cute polka dresses 
I could no longer wear, 
some Garfield baby tees 
I love to keep but not wear
and the “classics” I always wear 
but should not anymore.
I slowly asphyxiated them;
They rested with my memories inside a black bag. 

I may have murdered some rats and cockroaches in the process,
But then I have more dust-free spaces now as if I reclaimed a war-free zone.
And I must tell you, it feels good to be unfeeling about things even for once.
Now, I can welcome new things in my life.

Copyright 2013 by Gerlie M. Uy

Friday, February 15, 2013

POEMS: Just three cups a night V

your gaze
is my full


our songs
through my sheets


wish seconds

Copyright 2003 by Gerlie M. Uy
Precaution: Read in moderation.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Post: IF YOU HAVE BEEN GAZED AT...


If you have been gazed at
and his eyes say your hair is wonderful
and your nose is impeccable
(though you think they are otherwise);
If you have been gazed at
and his eyes undoubtedly say your lips are kissable
and your neck is immaculate
(though you believe they are otherwise);
If you have been gazed at
and his eyes say your fingers are candle-like
and your skin angel-like,
(though you feel they are otherwise);
Lucky you are:
Yours is his world
and yours alone are his eyes.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2012
Photo taken at Danjugan Island,
Cauayan, Negros Occ.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

POEMS: Just three cups a night IV

this scent
a curvy lips


no later



Copyright 2003 by Gerlie M. Uy
Caution: Read in moderation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

POEMS: Just three cups a night III

your heart
my argument


your loosening
tightens my heart


your fading steps
my grief

Copyright 2003 by Gerlie M. Uy
Caution: Read in moderation.

Monday, February 11, 2013

POEMS: Just three cups of tea a night II

a teacup
your lips


his footsteps
at my heart


your nape
my kneeling

Copyright 2003 by Gerlie M. Uy
Caution: Read in moderation.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

POEMS: Just three cups a night

leave me


heat is my


you are
in my sleeplessness

Copyright 2003 by Gerlie M. Uy
Caution: Read in moderation.


miel, i siempre sueño de ustedes / 
cuando mis ojos se cierran y el suyo acaba de abrir / 
i sueño de que usted o que usted ha soñado de mí mientras mis ojos están abiertos.
honey, i will always dream of you/ 
when my eyes are closed and yours just opened / 
i will dream of you/ 
as you have dreamed of me while my eyes are wide open.

Copyright 2009 by Gerlie M. Uy
Photo taken at one of the temples in Angkor City, Cambodia
*Spanish version was auto generated by a web application, not mine.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pre-valentine Post: LOVE, I DARE NOT SAY MORE!


Love is the mother of all poems
if poems are heartaches so is love.
if poems are understanding so is love.
if poems are joy so is love.
Poems are children of love.
If love shows joy so do poems.
If love shows understanding so do poems.
If love shows heartaches so do poems.
Love is poem. Poem is love.
I dare not say more.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2013.
Photo taken by a jacuzzi
on top of a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pre-valentine post: HOW DO WE MEASURE LOVE?


Is it by the years of togetherness
or one's willingness to wait?
Is it by the times of thoughtfulness
or one's joy in receiving?
Is it by the times of care
or one's ability to share?
Is it by the moments of despair
or one's capacity to contain pain?
Is it by the few moments of joy
or one's ability to multiply it?
How do we measure love?
Is it by how we love
or how love matters to us?

by Gerlie M. Uy
copyright 2013
Photo taken at the Malacanan of the North
Ilocos Norte