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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Scaling your kisses

Scaling your kisses
By Gerlie M. Uy

My Chile, I was all right
with almost anything
but when I tasted my first kiss of you,
you set the record straight:
I kept on remembering you afterwards.
Every time I tasted any kiss without your heat,
I am initially all right, and then remembers
that I miss you a lot.
I have to have you beside me,
with your halved naked body
soaked in sweet sour liquid.
The intensity of your kisses varies
while I can only choose
to kiss you back within my lame limits.
You come to me usually in shorts
and sometimes dressed long,
in interesting shades of bright colors
and sometimes just plain green,
in usual subtle fragrance
and sometimes just none.
You have lived a thousand lives
in the fields of the Aztecs
and now in almost all tropical regions,
but still, even after one kiss
after another quick one from you,
as well as many more
that followed thereafter,
I wonder why
I still cannot scale you.
I better leave that task to Scolville.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015
*The Scolville Scale rates the capsicum heat in chiles.
Photo credits: Gerlie M. Uy