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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tilapia and T'boli dance at Punta Isla Resort

We enjoyed all Tilapia cookery in Punta Isla Resort at Lake Sebu. My favorite is the Pinaputokang Tilapia, a steamed tilapia wrapped in banana leaves but their bestseller is the appetizer Chicharon Tilapia. Punta Isla Resort features a restaurant overlooking the serene lake. This lake is the home of the community-grown Tilapia. When one is in South Cotabato, everyone claims that their Tilapia came from Lake Sebu because the Lake Sebu Tilapia tastes better than anywhere else in the province.

Chicharon Tilapia as appetizer! This was a hit.


We ordered their Sinugba na Tilapia but the fish were dry and surprisingly, 
we all loved this Pinaputokan na Tilapia because of the savory taste of the steamed fish
preserved inside the banana leaves.


This is their breaded fried tilapia with breaded mixed vegetables to.


Kinilaw na Tilapia. Awesome.


Pinaksiw tastes like home.


While we were waiting for the food, a group of T'bolis entertained us with the local musical instruments and the signature T'boli Dance. The lady also taught us the basic step which I very well know now. wink! :) 

Bamboo Flute is one of the instruments demonstrated by the T'bolis. 
It was a fun experience.