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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


NEVER ENVY YOUR NEIGHBOR . No matter how perfect he or she appears to you, you are just looking at what you think is lacking in you. Rather, be inspired to do your best to attain it!

NEVER SPEAK ILL OF ANOTHER OR ANYTHING . It will set your mood bad and your environment dark.

NEVER WORRY . Worrying will not stop unless and until what you worries happen, and you don't want that, anyway. So, sleep tight and eat well despite the problems and worry about it the next day.

NEVER FORGET . Never forget the kindness of a family, friend, or relative. Time flies but memories of good deeds should not.

NEVER EAT FOR THE SAKE OF EATING . Pay attention to what comes in to your body. Study and learn more about food and how they affect your health and your mood as well.

NEVER LIVE IN WHAT IFS . If you chose to go for something, it does not mean all you want is answered. Some are fulfilled, some are not. But rest assured, your choice will always work well if you embrace it whole-heartedly.

NEVER JUDGE . Race, gender, religion, belief, and social status. All have equal rights and all deserve respect despite the differences.

NEVER STOP LEARNING . Receiving your diploma does not mean you are exempt from learning. Learning more about life is a process of learning and relearning.

NEVER GIVE IN TO BOREDOM . From simple boredom comes the temptation of vices and excesses. Be one step ahead your self; never let one moment of boredom a reason for you to violate your person and principle as well as what's more important in life.

NEVER FORGET TO SHARE . Share knowledge, share thoughts, share kindness. You will be surprised how well your sharing is welcomed by another human being.

NEVER DOUBT GOD . With or without a capital letter, never forget god. Or whatever you name god. God is human's comfort. God is human's continuing belief to goodness. God is human's symbol of love. God is the positive thought that overpowers the negative in us humans.

NEVER SAY NEVER . Give up if you must but never give up because you doubt yourself. Learn to fight for your self and learning when to stop too is important. But never say never because you doubt yourself.

NEVER CRY FOR THINGS NOT UNDER YOUR CONTROL If someone is always mad, hypercritical, envious or don't like you, don't cry. Accept constructive criticisms and allow some self examination. If you think there is nothing wrong with you, then for sure, something is wrong with them.(June 2010)