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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Picturesque Malalison Island of Culasi, Antique

Malalison Island, Culasi, Antique. I loved this rock formation.
It is just so sad that there are graffiti on it. see on my back...

Malalison Island (a.k.a Mararison Island) is a calm, nature-submissive and awe-inspiring island to visit, contrary to her name which translates to "argumentative" for the word lalis or "disobedient" for the description to a prodigal son. Located in Culasi, Antique, Malalison is the nearest island to access from the mainland.

We reached the island from the Culasi wet market after riding a medium fishing boat (P800) for roughly 20 minutes. We stopped at the barangay hall located on the right end of the island where we registered (P10/pax fee) our names. There are residents in this small barangay of Malalison Island. We then transferred to the far left end of the island where a small colorful cave is perched. We had fun having our photo shoot there and a some dips near the colorful rock formation. It is just so sad that there are vandalism here and there inside the cave and on the face of the rock formation, a sign that the barangay is not well-meaning in preserving their island's treasure.

My pals with the boatman at the back.
There should be some life vests handed to the boat riders.

Posing time after registering at the barangay hall.

Taken from the settled area where the barangay hall is located.

A pose just outside the barangay hall...

There are coral underneath the cool waters and we can actually see them from the boat. Unfortunately, there are no snorkling gear or kayaks to rent in this place. I am sure, there are fishes  around those corals aside from the teeming black sea urchins and some starfishes we saw.

The blue green color of the sea..

Corals underneath the water surface...

Hilly portion to trek...

Posing by the big white rock. behind me is a brownish rock formation
with small opening where one can enter and explore the three-meter long
inside of this rock formation.

Time to pose...

Posing time... Photo please while I'm still here. 

The ceiling...

Up close... it looks like a brick...

From afar, looks like a root of a huge tree...

After taking so much photos of our selves in the rock formation, we climbed up the hill overlooking a cove perched in between an islet and a hill. It was such a breathtaking experience to behold as we fortunately had a shady afternoon visit and a not-so-bumpy boat ride.

There are small fishing boats on the far right side just before the barangay hall. They are used as transport of children going to and fro school (we saw eight children standing on the small boat) or mothers buying their goods in the mainland's wet market. There are no life vests in sight so I was a bit nervous as I am no swimmer. Hopefully there will be more improvement and preservation efforts in and for this island as aside from swimming, snorkeling, boating and kayaking, one can also hike up the hill from one end of the island to the other.