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Monday, August 31, 2015

August Rush of Guintubdan Falls: A Photo Diary

Dalupya Falls delivered her waters to the waiting rocks with grace despite the rush. It rushes differently that day because it was raining on and off, with invariable heaviness. The falls delivered to us a sound which is music to our ears, a respite from our doses of noise. The lush greeneries and the blooming Angel's Trumpets added serenity to the falls. Also, the water is sweet, light and cold and easily quenches our thirst for more gulps. 





We were not able to advance towards the Busay Kapid or the Twin Falls because the path towards it is hilly and slippery given the sporadic heavy rains, and there are no man-made steps with handrails yet. So we only managed to reach the viewing deck which is quite far and our view was being hampered by the fog which moved slowly with the wind. At any rate, we loved the forest greens and the dampness and freshness of the morning.







Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sowing my love for you

Sowing my love for you
(Considerations before planting rice)
By Gerlie M. Uy

I have a bag of seeds,
consider this as a bag of my love
for you. Now, shall I sow my seeds
of love to you directly
or raise them in seedbeds
first before proposing
them to you?

If I have twice more seeds,
I shall do it directly,
like gambling.
But since my seeds are only a bag,
I shall raise them first
before transplanting them,
ensuring your positive reception.

But planting these seeds in your heart
depends on many conditions
other than your positive reception:
Are we in the right place?
Is this the right soil to grow our love?
Will our love thrive in this ecosystem of snails and weeds?
Will there be others ready to lend us hands?

Finally, I shall deliberate on
one more point: When shall I plant
my love in you? After the quarter moon
or the low tide passed?
Again, to ensure your positive reception,
I shall wait for the right time
and reap my reward:

Bags and bags of your love in return.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015

*Photo: Mindoro Ricefields
Gerlie M. Uy 2012

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Every artist's explanatory note

Every artist's explanatory note
By Gerlie M. Uy

My friends, never think that I am rude,
that I prefer a world of my own;
it is just that when I am alone
Creativity appears before me.

Never think that I am lazy,
that I rather stare on blank surfaces;
it is just that in this moment of want,
any emptiness is starting to be filled in.

Never think that my muscles are worthless
that I rather bring home a landscape,
a poem or a thousand folded papers,
it is just that each piece offers to erase your day's burnout.

Never think otherwise. It is no secret
that your work is as great as mine:
you bring food to the table
and I bring food for the soul.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015

*Inspired after reading a poem entitled,
 "The Apology" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

*Photo of Painting and Painting by Szymon KÄ™dzierski of Wroclaw, Poland
Copyright reverts to him. Contact him at https://www.facebook.com/Szymon.Kedzierski.Wroclaw

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Scaling your kisses

Scaling your kisses
By Gerlie M. Uy

My Chile, I was all right
with almost anything
but when I tasted my first kiss of you,
you set the record straight:
I kept on remembering you afterwards.
Every time I tasted any kiss without your heat,
I am initially all right, and then remembers
that I miss you a lot.
I have to have you beside me,
with your halved naked body
soaked in sweet sour liquid.
The intensity of your kisses varies
while I can only choose
to kiss you back within my lame limits.
You come to me usually in shorts
and sometimes dressed long,
in interesting shades of bright colors
and sometimes just plain green,
in usual subtle fragrance
and sometimes just none.
You have lived a thousand lives
in the fields of the Aztecs
and now in almost all tropical regions,
but still, even after one kiss
after another quick one from you,
as well as many more
that followed thereafter,
I wonder why
I still cannot scale you.
I better leave that task to Scolville.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015
*The Scolville Scale rates the capsicum heat in chiles.
Photo credits: Gerlie M. Uy 

Friday, August 7, 2015

A mother's pride

A mother's pride
By Gerlie M. Uy

I carried you four
for a hundred and ten days.
when I finally dropped
you on earth,
I chose a secluded den,
a cave it was.
The rest of us
should not see you;
(In the past, your brothers
were born in a thicket,
or a reed-bed).
I will stay with you all
for a while, while you are
still helpless
because you are all
born blind and will see
only after a week.
You are all born tiny
at a little more than a kilo,
thus, you are almost helpless,
especially when you try
to crawl on your own.
But only less than a moon past,
you can walk on your own, albeit slow.
Then, I will move you from den to den,
lifting you by the nape of your neck
in order to escape the predators
who can trace you
through the build up of your scent.
After about two moons,
you will all be ready to see
the rest of us.
You are all my pride;
welcome to our pride.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015

*Photo taken from web; credit reverts to owner 
*Pride is a group or family of lions. 
*This poem inspired after reading the story of Cecil, 
the trophy lion who was killed by a rich American dentist.

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Blogging Experience: This is my 301st post

I love to write. Writing for the sake of writing became a secondary thing in my life when I became a lawyer. In real life, lawyering -- which involves solving the legal battles of other people which are often laced with emotional pains -- can be seriously stressful. Stress can get to a lawyer, if she does not know how to compartmentalize work and give space for play. 

To get away from stress, my first attempt to blog was to document my occasional kitchen adventures as I do not want to blog about serious matters. So born the www.beforesixdiet.blogspot.com in December 2009. It was a playground for me because I cook as I usually do, shoot with my camera or phone camera and eat slowly as I do, then blog. Let's say, it became my online recipe resource. It was titled as such not as a diet fad but because after 5 o'clock office time off, I try to cook. So it became a before six o'clock diet, more of before six o'clock cooking. 

However, as in all matters, one cannot really compartmentalize. I made Gerlie's Angles for my commentary and legal opinions which  I eventually shut down because I cannot devote to it and focused on www.footandfire.blogspot.com (First post in May 2010) which I intend to be a home to my travels and all-kinds-of-writings. It was a good blogging experience since I have grown from my first awkward postings of numerous photographs to my now-adept scheduled blog postings. Even if I wanted to post more texts, I am always tempted to show photographs of my travels. Note however that I am no serious photographer as I do not want heavy cameras limit my mobility during travels.  I even posted poems featuring the travel spots I went to. I even made poems on my favorite drink, green teas and its other relatives. I have yet to come out with a book of my poems. Sometimes, I sounded like a travel adviser in my blog entries but always, I am the wanderer. Attempts to give ideas on travels come up every now and then; I can't help it. And now (though this sounded off-pitch) that I am furthering my legal studies, I wanted to add another list on my fire, legal matters. With this blogging experience, I realized that in reality, life can never be compartmentalized. Life is lived in many different ways in our many different awakenings. I celebrate my life, my joy, my happiness in my blog. So let it be.     

Now that I just posted my 300th post, I am considering of starting FOOD, FOOT, AND FIRE blog by 2016. I promise that I won't attempt at compartmentalizing anymore. I promise that it would be the sum total of everything I mentioned here. "wink."     

Photo credit: Carlene Leonor

Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Darling Darjeeling

My Darling Darjeeling
(The harvest of your varieties)
By Gerlie M. Uy

I was wrong.
Accept my apology,
my Camellia Senensis,
for treating you like
you are nothing special.
When we were in India,
you are Darjeeling,
my no ordinary darling.
The first time I had you there,
it was after the spring rains,
and you offered me your gentleness,
lightness and mildness.
I had that first flush of blush on you in Mid-March.
And then you declared that I can have you in April,
but I chose to wait until June.
My second flush of blush with you in June
rewarded me with your amber appearance,
full-bodied embrace and muscatel-tasting kisses.
Then came the monsoons,
the lowest time of your life,
but you chose not to deprive me of you.
You would pay me back comes autumn, you promised.
My autumnal flush of blush for you
gifted me with your fuller darker body
and delicate touches,
all laced with kisses made of less spicy tones.
My Camellia Senensis,
I must admit,
you surprise me
you are,
I am with you.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015

*web photo; photo credit reverts to owner