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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I promise to Travel and Write like Inhale and Exhale...

BOHOL BUTTERFLY GARDEN. I wish today that I can narrate how tickled I was 
when these two butterflies were placed right on my ears like earrings. yeeeeey.


       One of the reasons I travel is because I want to write. And I discovered lately that in order to chronicle my travels itself, I have to write right away. Otherwise, the thrill, the zest, the freshness of the recollection will be abandoned to almost forgetfulness. Photos help but it is not everything there is. There is a crisp quality in one's writing when done right after the travel as well as magical feeling after putting everything down. I am not referring to insights and essays which can be written even years after as a reflection. I just miss the chronicling of what happened. Those moments one do not want to forget because they are fleeting moments. I don't even want to forget the name of the guide or places we went to. While I have a lot of backlog of travels to tell (One reason, I can't blog well and efficiently before as I can today), I promise to be this prompt with words in my future travels. As in photos these days, I should also be instant with my chronicles. I have to inhale the beauty of my travels and exhale them right away in my writings. This is one reason why Foot and Fire is born.