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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Puerto Princesa City Tour: A visit to Rancho Zipline Adventure and Baker's Hill

I enjoyed the pastoral view of the Rancho Zipline Adventure. It was nice to stay for more minutes but we started our tour late, so we hurried up as we still have more places to go and we also have to do pasalubong shopping within the day.


Playing like they're no senior citizens at all.


Joining the crowd. Who's the senior citizen here?


A nice view with me on it.

The Ranch... Exhilarating. Like fishes in the waters of Coron and El Nido,
these are cows and horses in the mountains of Puerto Princesa.

The zipline.


The clubhouse of the Rancho.


A photo of me at the garden of the Baker's Hill, famous for its hopia.

My heart is full.


He is in love?


The Hopia for pasalubong. Tried their crinkles and they're highly recommended too. 
The Pianono of Baker's Hill quenched my longing for this childhood bread.

Minature cakes displayed at the entrance.

The miniature cakes, up close.