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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Row and Cycle in Tam Coc, Northern Vietnam

Tam Coc, about a two-hour drive from Hanoi, is another place which showcases the karsts or limestone formations in multitude. If Ha Long karsts are by the bay, Tam Coc karsts are by the river. One more fascinating thing about Tam Coc aside from the karsts is that one can see closely that the river is actually planted with rice. One can also row by the swimming ducks and pass by many temples, even in the center of the river. See our favorite spot in Tam Coc in the above photo, courtesy of our talented rower Mr. Son. (He rows with his feet while taking our photos.)

A community of rowers with hundreds of boats...

Rowers, ready to row.

Fellow travellers went in while were going out. 

Tam Coc sampling

Mr. Son

Karsts with rich green trees...

Ducks, peacefully enjoying their swim by the growing rice plant.

Quack, quack, quack...

Ducks in serene mode.

Buddy Bads with her Vietnamese seatmate..

Mr. Ten, you are thumbs up as tour guide.

We ha dour lunch here.
This is where my friends tasted their first dragonfruit...
On our last day, we bought one kilo each...

One can go cycling too in Tam Coc.
Mr. Son, you are approved as our rower and photographer.

Photographing together with our purchased hand sewn art...

The hats and the boats.
Rowers line up to get their share of tourists to row for.

A Vietnamese lady with her lotus seed.

The boats in numbers...

Just one more smile before I say goodbye to the river.

Hats, Vietnamese hats and caps...

Just kinda cute Post Office.

Vik and me under the Tam coc bridge...