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Friday, February 27, 2015

My piece on the Blue Black or Gold White dress

It is blue and black to me. And the Roman retail company says so. Since the company deals with color, its description blue/black is the correct one because colors are identified based on the spectrum and on this one, the colors were identified based on the standard colors. But it appears from the polls conducted that the majority saw the dress as gold/white. As experts says, no one is right or wrong when it comes to perception because color is how we perceive the light and perception can vary from one person to another. So the problem is, why do others perceived this as gold/white?

In this case, I must venture to say that the screen lights as well as light coming from the external environment must have played a role. Also, the fact that the color comes in stripes, some perception is tricked. Likewise, the pixel of the photo as well as the brightness and contrast when they were saved and shared must have been affected.

In my case, I saw this last night when I was very sleepy and by using my cellphone. I saw blue and black. And now, I still blue and black using my laptop.

Even if there are three versions of the shades in one WIRED article, I still see blue and black. There is just the brighter hues and the paler hues.

I think with all the versions of explanations, USA TODAY NETWORK came out with the must-read. 

Read the two links above, and you'll get good explanations.

Also Prof. Shapiro's sporadic blogs are worth some peeks because in all of these brouhaha, he declared probably with a smile that, "There are many examples of this out in the world but this one just happened to hit the Internet."

This is the Tumbler photo that launched the color war!