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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Along Chaophraya River of Thailand

Chaophraya River is already outside Bangkok but it is very accessible as it is a major tourist destination. Along the river, one can see various temples, hotels, hospitals and other awesome buildings. Get a sampling of the photos I captured during our trip...

Here's a Link to my facebook album for more photos...

This where we gathered to wait for the tour boat. Along the river, we saw some longtail boat, a fast and big vessel with lots of river commuters as well as solo travellers. Since we have a tour group, we were in a small boat called boat taxi...and we coursed through the river slowly...

This is the Wat Arun or The Temple of Dawn.
We climbed up the steep stairs and it feels like
we are going to the top of the hill to see heaven.
The skyline is beautiful and breathtaking! It pays to
climb when you get there...really a fascinating try.
This the Royal Museum Barge. This is where the state functions are sometime held. It also houses some important artifacts of the royal family. We passed by it along the way...
This is one of the facades of the Wat Arun. It is cambodian-inspired architecture. The details are so intricate and very interesting with lots of porcelain that appears to me to be designs of broken plates. The images are consistent all throughout from first up to third floor, if i may call it that way.

One temple we saw along the river.

This is one of the houses along the river.

                                     One of the bridges we saw along the Chao Phraya River.

The floating market we saw. Only two approached us. The guide told us that since it is Songkran, a Thai new year, most vendors must have gone home, usually outside Bangkok, to their provinces to observe the same with their family.

One boat and one image I captured as we coursed through the river. The wooden vessel is so pretty that I took a photo of it in close up. The guide says that it is a restaurant which usually opens at night. Far below, there we are with our Thai tour guide.