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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Facebook Note: Confessions of a Farm Town Addict

A screenshot of a Farm Town... (Copyright reverts to owner)

A friend sent me a text message about a grandmother who left some inheritance to her grandchild consisting of a farm with improvements and accessories. When the child asked where it is located, the grandmother gave her email address and password. My friend had a good reason to sent that specific message to me. She said, I can so relate with that joke because I am an FB-resident.

My cousin was likewise baffled by two yuppies talking casually about their farms and their harvests during meal time or during public ride. She figured out later that it was just a facebook thing. She is now hesitant to open an account as she might get addicted.

My sister swears that she does not want to follow my footsteps. She is wiser, I must admit. She saw me how two hours were “wasted” because of my designing and redesigning of the farm. Then, there comes a time when I had to rush eating dinner because I still have to harvest my potatoes and onions. But she admired me too. She is awed by my feat in memorizing the price of the seeds and the amount of my reward after harvest. She shakes her head in disbelief every time I choose one crop over the other using my math and economics. Aside from it all, unleashing my “visual art” talent is interesting too. It has become a de-stressing activity.

My love affair with Farm Town died a natural death just as it started with a natural birth. When I clicked the Farm Town application, I tried planting some grapes and then I advanced from one level to another. Then my space widened and my crops with different colors multiplied and there are tables, drums, hay stacks and animals to add to that. When I am done with the planting and harvesting, I get to meet international friends at the market. At times, I get to be hired and admire the farm of other players in real time. There was a time when I get to hire two Filipinos to harvest my crops and they ended up bitching each other because they want the monopoly of the farm. My stint as a mediator came to the rescue. Whew!

I swear. I wanted to quit early as the de-stressing evidently became a distressing case. But everyone from around the world who happens to be hired by me to harvest was admiring my plot, especially the flower bed with the word WELCOME on it. Who wants to leave the game early at that?

Then came my real life friend who happens to be a Farm Town enthusiast too who bullied me and says that my plot is boring as it not three-dimensional. I rushed to his farm and he gave me some tips but he withheld a lot of information to my disgust. I studied his style and copied them and when he returned he gave me a passing mark because it is not all realistic and has no continuity. He is such a very generous friend, indeed. (Hopefully he gets to understand that this is sarcasm). To add up to the joys of Farming, I have many virtual camera posings in my farm and of my farm and in the farms of my friends and the fun got me going all throughout too.

Well, with a thousand fruit trees consisting of mangoes, apples, lemons, cherries, bananas and more, a hundred chickens, cows, pigs, horses and all, a couple of stools and tables as well as a lot of the fences and paths and farm houses, I just have no time to remodel. My enthusiasm simply died down.

My Farm Town experience brings smiles to my face every time my sister says that she won’t start playing any of these farms as she saw how hooked I was. I continue to smile because because of that resolution I won’t have some competition in grabbing the chair in front of the pc. (February 2010)