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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I was in the Great Wall of China

Yes, I was able to climb that tower on top! The see the grandeur of the Great Wall of China up close has always been a dream. But it did not come true of course when I get to get closer to the famed wall. First, anyone cannot just be in all entries of the wall at a time and second, the climb was such a challenge for those who have fear of heights. And oh, the third thing is, it was near the end of winter. This point of entry to the Great Wall is Juyungguan, a less known entry than Badaling and Mutianyu. See other entries here. It was in February this year when we went there so the weather which approaches the end of winter limited our mobility bun not the fun and the opportunity to meditate as to the beauty of the historic landmark which can be seen from the moon.

They are going down already...

A portrait on top of The Wall.

The winter beauty of The Great Wall.

Just can't believe it that I was there!

The beauty and the grandeur.

Here I am!!!!

Locks of Love. There are lots of these in The Wall
and the keys to these padlocks were thrown away by the lovers in the belief
that their love will be locked forever. 

Some Locks up close and personal.

Behind me is the scenic beauty of another tower
and I was resting here on this wall before I climb any farther
and up to the tower like that one...

Im nearing the tower...
Look at the tower on the upper right side of this photo.

A photo taken while I was going down.
My companions are obviously gone.

A photo me... Look at the mountain ranges on my background. 

Our guide was talking to the guard.

My height-fearing companion...

Just happy to be here...

Conquered The Great Wall but can't break it.

The handsome guard of the Great wall.

Capturing one of the nooks found along the way up the tower.

Forever smiling me...

Photo me in China...