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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mystery of Siquijor unraveled 3 (Jeep Tour)

Circling the national circumferential road of Siquijor island is literally circling. We first stopped at the Guiwanon Spring Park resort where there are tree huts fro rent overnight. One can swim in the freshwater by the mangroves too. The resort guesthouse where one can have snacks and enjoy the view of the waters is about a kilometer walk through bridge from the highway where we stopped. It was a fun experience, I must admit.

Note the patterned amakan they used. It's so pretty.

Stopping by the cool mangrove...

The guesthouse amid the blue clear freshwaters.

The mangrove...

The seafloor...

Ohhhh, serenity!

This is one of the tree houses for rent

This is just about 300m from the port. The famous church of Siquijor.

At the background is the bell tower.

That is the Side perspective of the church on my back
and I was posing by the crotons (not sure of the spelling) plants.

The bell tower rings my joy: Siquijor here I am! 
Here are a series of photos i got while treading from the Port of Siquijor up to its famous welcome landmark and church.

Here are the rest of our trip:

My sister bought this map at Mar and Peck store located at Siquijor town.

The fortune tellers in the making.. between them is the bust of the popular Anito image
which represents Siquijor, the Island of fire.

My sister posed by the dike in San Juan, Siquijor where we had our lunch 

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: The famous Balete got us posing.


POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: Cambughanay falls is easy trek.

See, that was easy.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: The rushing waters of Cambughanay Falls and there are three portions where one can swim.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: A lady in zen-like pose!!!
So serene with the calm water, rushing sound of the falls,
and slanting bamboos, it sets the mood. :)

Boys, enjoying their tarzan-like stunt.

POSTCARD FROM LAZI, SIQUIJOR. St Isidore Convent, the oldest convent built in 1887
and now turned into museum on the second floor and school below.

On the second floor of the convent.

Second floor of the convent. Pretty baluster.

The Church of Lazi just facing the convent.

Facade of the Lazi church.

The bell tower is attached to the church.
Still the Lazi Church.

The convent was constructed in 1887 and finished in 1891 with a measurement of 42 X 38 m,
one of the largest in the Philippines. Now, the Church of Lazi.

POSTCARD FROM SIQUIJOR: Salagdoon beach where there is a slide perched in the karst
and leads to the beach...

There are more places to go, more beaches to swim, and more reasons to go back to Siquijor, the Island of Fire. As one of the foreign tourists we met said, we love quiet places!