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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don Salvador Benedicto, the "little baguio" in the north of Negros Occidental

Don Salvador Benedicto, a municipality in the north of Negros Occidental is a place to enjoy while driving one's own car as all of the places to see are just along the highway...

First stop is the Pandanon Valley Resort located in Murcia, just a short bridge away from Pandanon, DSB itself. They have a room from double to family rooms for overnight accommodations and huts for daytime excursionists. Aside from the gushing of waters coming from the creek that separates Murcia and DSB, the resort features pools, a trek along flowers and plants inside the resort premises, and a large activity area.

Doc J's Stop-over, just a little distance away from Km 37 mark, offers a refreshing halo-halo on not-so-cool days and hot lemongrass tea for cooler days. This place is ideal for intimate family gathering and office rest and recreational activities. Flowers and plants abound this place too.

Not far ahead is the Lion's Club landmark which is... a lion, of course. By the lion is a viewing deck for the rice terraces. Not that much by the number, but still it's worth the stop, given the gush of cool fresh air. The lush green of the forest is worth it all.

Stopping by the pine trees in Brgy. Igmayaan is also a spot not to miss if the weather is good. Not far ahead is the Municipal Hall with the bust of Don Salvador Benedicto just at the foot of the stair leading to the hall. And I should not fail to mention that if it happens to be a Thursday, the market is worth seeing as all the farm goods are being sold there.

Don Salvador Benedicto is the vice governor of Negros and Siquijor Islands during the WW2 
With Don Salvador Benedicto
Julie-Ann was estimating the number of steps before she reaches the Municipal Hall

Behind me is the Municipal Hall

Around five minutes from the Municipal hall is the viewing deck, locally known as Lantawon, where Malatan-og Falls can be seen. It was foggy on the first time we stopped there... One cannot help but exclaim that it's like Baguio or Tagaytay there. 

Malatan-og Falls behind Julie-Ann
This is just how foggy it was the first time when we went there. 
The Ceres plying San Carlos to Bacolod via DSB
Signboard at the viewing deck

We enjoyed the bukayo (candied coconut), banana and camote (sweet potato) chips as well as the lady finger (tudlo sang dalaga) banana of DSB. Pineapples, papaya, squash, yacon and lettuces can be bought there too. 


Lady Finger banana

We did not go far ahead to La Vista Mountain Resort located at San Carlos City, also bordering the DSB municipality. We were told that the chocolate hills can be seen from there and the zip line can be experienced from the hotel. Another reason to retake the DSB route in the future...

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