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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beijing and I

At the Red Theatre in Beijing as we were going to watch the Legend of Kung Fu which was shown in Las Vegas, Canada and Australia...We planned to watch Peking Opera but at the last minute we opted for this as we think we can relate more on this than chinese opera.

At the entrance of the show house...

Photo of Chairman Mao hangs at the entrance hall of The Forbidden (Not anymore) City.

Marching soldiers inside the Forbidden City

The watchtower of the Temple of heaven... Aside from the walls, the temple is surrounded with a lake...

Boats which visitors can ride if only it's summer. Still breathtaking  view despite the frozen lake. 

The pagoda/belltower at the hutong area

Freezing cold beside the lake at the Hutong area.

Bird's Nest in Beijing during the day

Water Cube in Beijing at daytime

The bird's nest is behind me... a gargantuan structure!

Interesting structure at the Olympic Site.

Entrance of the Ming's Tomb

Ming's Tomb waving goodbye to me...

Greatwall, yehey...

Greatwall is great...


A View from the top!

The tower i seized!!!

Yes, i arrived!

watercube at night.

bird's nest at night time...

watercube is ice cube...

happy to see the cube...

A woman doing the taichi at the entrance of the Temple of heaven

The temple of heaven is full of mystery

The marker and the Tianan men square

A wave of people queuing to see the body of Chairman Mao 


The marker for unnamed heroes at the tiananmen Square