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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Last 24 March 2017, I released a collection of poems called The Watch to mark the 1st death anniversary of my father. I thought it would be all. I was wrong. He visited me in my dream on the morning of his cremation a year ago. I have to compose something about it. Here it is:

 (Good Morning Tay, 3/30/2017)

Today, a year ago, your body left us.
I remembered because you woke me up
after your short visit in my sleep.
I was reminded:
You left as a free man,
free from all kinds of pain
and free from the burden of worrying
all reserved for the living.
Your body left to become dust in that chamber
after your spirit just flew away with the air.
And now that you are dust;
you will just be around.
Unimposing, but there.
Thank you for reminding me today
that you are a free man
from this worldly affairs
of existing, of living.
Thank you for reminding me today
That I am a free woman.