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Friday, February 24, 2017


We, as women lawyers, condemn the blatant and gruesome killing of Atty. Mia Manuelita Mascariñas-Green whose assailants are still on the run. Hence, we feel that as practicing women lawyers who are also nurturing mothers and sisters just like Atty. Green, we need to openly renew our commitment to our profession, to uphold lawfulness and Justice, and to speak to the Green children on the danger of hatred and the importance of forgiveness.   

TO THE LEGAL COMMUNITY. During her lifetime, Atty. Green is not known to us personally or professionally but as her fellow lawyers who have been unconditionally defending every man's Constitutional right to due process, we cannot help but express our protestation to this inhuman, uncivilized and unjustified killing by the assailants (and their mastermind), which only perpetuate the culture of impunity. However, despite this personal protestations and constantly living with this kind of professional hazard, we want to assure the legal community that we are still committing ourselves to the service of Justice, and that by heart, we will continue to remember that our society will be judged not by how we demonstrate hatred but how we continually extend Justice and Compassion. Thus, we will continue to unconditionally defend any accused, which translates to our defending our Constitution, which will further translate to preserving the integrity of our society for the next generation. We openly wish that this letter fortifies the determination of every lawyer to continue serving the community in the name of Justice.

TO THE ASSAILANTS. So, if you think you won by killing, you are enormously wrong. No one, even a branded criminal, deserves to be imprisoned without knowing the reason why he should be imprisoned. How much more in taking a life? This is the fundamental rationale why we have due process in our Constitution. You have no right to take away her life without her knowing why, or at least giving her the chance to explain herself. You even have no decency to spare the children from the violence. But then, even if you will be caught and tried, our fellow lawyers will defend you and afford you your right to due process.  We will not allow you to win; we will not allow the same inhuman, uncivilized and unjustified taking of your liberty, and life. Now, turn yourself in. Do not trample our Constitution by perpetuating a culture of impunity; the Constitution is where the rights of your children and your children's children depend on. And remember, no lawyer shall scamper from his sworn obligation because of what you did but every lawyer shall help seek out Justice for Atty. Green! We collectively desire that this letter reaches your conscience on the spot.

TO THE GREEN CHILDREN. We are lawyers like your mother. We are presently defending even the criminals in the eyes of the society. We have incorporated in our legal commitment, our moral commitment of giving everyone fairness and a shot at second chance. We strongly feel that you deserve all the chances in life despite what just happened. Just like what your mother would have wanted, we only wish you to grow up with extraordinary strength of spirit, free from hatred, and full of compassion. Do not allow hatred to precede your life. Nurture forgiveness and continue exercising compassion just like what your mother did during her lifetime, rendering pro bono services to the poor. Sift and live only with the goodness and wisdom that you may get from this tragic event in your lives. We fervently hope that this letter reaches you at the very moment that you need it. 

We hereby affix our names this 17th day of February 2017, Negros Island Region.

Gerlie M. Uy
Myra Gift Malacaman-Go
Shelou Matti-Go
Edda A. Opeña
Joy Infante-Guilot