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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Whale Shark's Tale (Inspired by the Butanding of Oslob, Cebu)

I did not know 
that you were aching 
to see my spotted Samson-like muscles 
in your waking hours.  
Each day, I pass by your shore 
and I do not mind you 
because I am on a mission.
I am no Samson of your circus; 
I was born to filter the waters 
that is the source of your life. 
I am nature's Ecosystem Engineer.
Yet you simply admire my monstrosity, 
and perhaps, you are only attracted 
by the danger attached to my last name. 
Do not be fooled. 
My bloodline is sure made to fiercely bite
while I was created to humbly clear your waters. 
You lure me with your tiny reddish catch everyday 
and I tend to heed your altogether generous and alluring call.
You captivate me, I must admit.
But I have to quickly shake myself 
from this madness: 
If I continue being with you this way, 
I will let your waters get red. 
And I will lose you.

*Copyright 2016 Gerlie M. Uy
Inspired by my two visits in Oslob, Cebu in 2015
and the reason why I didn't swam with the butandings.