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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Night Watch

Rembrandt's The Night Watch

1642. Your gathering screams Victory
when Light intently kissed 
only the three of you 
while darkness embraced 
the rest inside these 
corners of grand scale. 
Your movements chant Celebration;
you frame a happy occasion.
You are the Dutch Golden Age.
But why?
1911. He can't cook in the ship anymore.
So he slashed you 
with a shoemaker's knife 
when he could no longer 
use his kitchen knife.
1975. He is a schoolteacher 
with a supposed divine mission.
He slashed you many times
with a bread knife 
and when he could no longer do more,  
he took his own life.
1990. Donning his long hooded coat, 
he was agitated. 
Suddenly, he sprayed you with acid
concealed in a pump bottle. 
Will this be the last? 
I am not sure.
But please, 
enlighten me.
You are called the Night Watch:
I thought you fix their gaze 
the light,
from darkness. 

The Night Watch.
Copyright 2015 by Gerlie M. Uy