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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sowing my love for you

Sowing my love for you
(Considerations before planting rice)
By Gerlie M. Uy

I have a bag of seeds,
consider this as a bag of my love
for you. Now, shall I sow my seeds
of love to you directly
or raise them in seedbeds
first before proposing
them to you?

If I have twice more seeds,
I shall do it directly,
like gambling.
But since my seeds are only a bag,
I shall raise them first
before transplanting them,
ensuring your positive reception.

But planting these seeds in your heart
depends on many conditions
other than your positive reception:
Are we in the right place?
Is this the right soil to grow our love?
Will our love thrive in this ecosystem of snails and weeds?
Will there be others ready to lend us hands?

Finally, I shall deliberate on
one more point: When shall I plant
my love in you? After the quarter moon
or the low tide passed?
Again, to ensure your positive reception,
I shall wait for the right time
and reap my reward:

Bags and bags of your love in return.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015

*Photo: Mindoro Ricefields
Gerlie M. Uy 2012