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Monday, August 3, 2015

My Blogging Experience: This is my 301st post

I love to write. Writing for the sake of writing became a secondary thing in my life when I became a lawyer. In real life, lawyering -- which involves solving the legal battles of other people which are often laced with emotional pains -- can be seriously stressful. Stress can get to a lawyer, if she does not know how to compartmentalize work and give space for play. 

To get away from stress, my first attempt to blog was to document my occasional kitchen adventures as I do not want to blog about serious matters. So born the www.beforesixdiet.blogspot.com in December 2009. It was a playground for me because I cook as I usually do, shoot with my camera or phone camera and eat slowly as I do, then blog. Let's say, it became my online recipe resource. It was titled as such not as a diet fad but because after 5 o'clock office time off, I try to cook. So it became a before six o'clock diet, more of before six o'clock cooking. 

However, as in all matters, one cannot really compartmentalize. I made Gerlie's Angles for my commentary and legal opinions which  I eventually shut down because I cannot devote to it and focused on www.footandfire.blogspot.com (First post in May 2010) which I intend to be a home to my travels and all-kinds-of-writings. It was a good blogging experience since I have grown from my first awkward postings of numerous photographs to my now-adept scheduled blog postings. Even if I wanted to post more texts, I am always tempted to show photographs of my travels. Note however that I am no serious photographer as I do not want heavy cameras limit my mobility during travels.  I even posted poems featuring the travel spots I went to. I even made poems on my favorite drink, green teas and its other relatives. I have yet to come out with a book of my poems. Sometimes, I sounded like a travel adviser in my blog entries but always, I am the wanderer. Attempts to give ideas on travels come up every now and then; I can't help it. And now (though this sounded off-pitch) that I am furthering my legal studies, I wanted to add another list on my fire, legal matters. With this blogging experience, I realized that in reality, life can never be compartmentalized. Life is lived in many different ways in our many different awakenings. I celebrate my life, my joy, my happiness in my blog. So let it be.     

Now that I just posted my 300th post, I am considering of starting FOOD, FOOT, AND FIRE blog by 2016. I promise that I won't attempt at compartmentalizing anymore. I promise that it would be the sum total of everything I mentioned here. "wink."     

Photo credit: Carlene Leonor