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Friday, August 7, 2015

A mother's pride

A mother's pride
By Gerlie M. Uy

I carried you four
for a hundred and ten days.
when I finally dropped
you on earth,
I chose a secluded den,
a cave it was.
The rest of us
should not see you;
(In the past, your brothers
were born in a thicket,
or a reed-bed).
I will stay with you all
for a while, while you are
still helpless
because you are all
born blind and will see
only after a week.
You are all born tiny
at a little more than a kilo,
thus, you are almost helpless,
especially when you try
to crawl on your own.
But only less than a moon past,
you can walk on your own, albeit slow.
Then, I will move you from den to den,
lifting you by the nape of your neck
in order to escape the predators
who can trace you
through the build up of your scent.
After about two moons,
you will all be ready to see
the rest of us.
You are all my pride;
welcome to our pride.

By Gerlie M. Uy
Copyright 2015

*Photo taken from web; credit reverts to owner 
*Pride is a group or family of lions. 
*This poem inspired after reading the story of Cecil, 
the trophy lion who was killed by a rich American dentist.