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Sunday, March 1, 2015

La Passeggiata

In my new Sunday's best,
I want you to observe me
do the subtle hand sway
as I walk along the bulb-lit alleys.
I want your eyes to pursue me.

In my new leather stilettos,
I want you to anticipate me
do the lightest steps
as I near the historic center.
I want your gaze to trail me.

In my newly bought scent,
I want you to witness me
do the gentlest stroll
along the streets of this old Italian town.
I want your mind to follow me.

With my hand-held gelato,
I want your buds to share it with me
while we do the laziest strides
together towards the piazza.
Come quick, keep up with me.

Gerlie M. Uy Copyright 2015.
*This poem is inspired after reading Under the Tuscan Sky
and It happened in Italy. Click on the links to check out my reviews on this book.