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Friday, February 27, 2015

My piece on the Blue Black or Gold White dress

It is blue and black to me. And the Roman retail company says so. Since the company deals with color, its description blue/black is the correct one because colors are identified based on the spectrum and on this one, the colors were identified based on the standard colors. But it appears from the polls conducted that the majority saw the dress as gold/white. As experts says, no one is right or wrong when it comes to perception because color is how we perceive the light and perception can vary from one person to another. So the problem is, why do others perceived this as gold/white?

In this case, I must venture to say that the screen lights as well as light coming from the external environment must have played a role. Also, the fact that the color comes in stripes, some perception is tricked. Likewise, the pixel of the photo as well as the brightness and contrast when they were saved and shared must have been affected.

In my case, I saw this last night when I was very sleepy and by using my cellphone. I saw blue and black. And now, I still blue and black using my laptop.

Even if there are three versions of the shades in one WIRED article, I still see blue and black. There is just the brighter hues and the paler hues.

I think with all the versions of explanations, USA TODAY NETWORK came out with the must-read. 

Read the two links above, and you'll get good explanations.

Also Prof. Shapiro's sporadic blogs are worth some peeks because in all of these brouhaha, he declared probably with a smile that, "There are many examples of this out in the world but this one just happened to hit the Internet."

This is the Tumbler photo that launched the color war!

The birth of a Cocoa bean

From pale green
(or red or purple) you turned
into sunshine signaling me
that you are in hurry to be picked
from the budded
standing scepter
of the forest.
Why hurry? You will be cut
in half, you football-shaped creature!
You will no longer remain you.
You will be your many soft white seeds
with smooth pulps bearing your sweetness
with tempered sourness.
Then, you will merely be scooped out right away.
(Children in the Philippines will gently suck you first, though).
For a week, your soft delicate seeds
will be fermented under the seething sun,
or on some days, in a dryer machine.
As if for you being picked is a happy occasion,
you ignore me then and now.
Mind you, Dear Cacao, you will be sun-dried for one more week
before your individual selves in the form of cocoa beans
will be shipped out of Ivory coast or Indonesia.  

Gerlie M. Uy Copyright 2015

*A poem inspired after reading Chocolat
Here's my review on the book itself. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lenten Book Review: Chocolat

By Joanne Harris
Softbound, 320 pages

A happy read. Especially on this Lenten season. If one has seen the movie first before reading the book or vice verse, I must say that it does not matter. Both versions are justice to each other. But in my case, I saw the movie first and then read the book in years apart, mind you! 

Set in an obscure town in France, this novel with magical realism genre is all about spirituality, no mere religion, about the essence of doing good to our fellowmen that showing off goodness, about acceptance of our human weaknesses and surviving it.

I expected some concoction along the way but I failed. I wished there are incorporated recipes on chocolate or some sprinkles of academic facts on chocolate but it did not. What it has is an engaging story told through the eyes gypsy-like Vianne who struggles to find a home, an acceptance by giving people their little sweet indulgence and Fr. Francis Reynaud who struggles about his past by doing penitence and requiring others to do so. Set in the holy days from February 11, Shrove Thursday, up to March 31, Easter Monday.

The minor characters are the main characters. Yes, it is an irony but that is the truth. This is a story of a community kept by strict Church Tradition BUT changed by the arrival of chocolates! It is a battle between Church vs Chocolates, indeed. The Church represented an order in the surface but dark secrets in its core while chocolates represented freedom. The little town, got its freedom from bigotry in the end.

The book is as delicious as the movie. There are minor changes in some characters to suit the visual counterpart but it was done with justice.

However, I underlined nothing from the book. But I remembered that the movie enthralled me because of its script. I still can loosely recall the sermon of the young priest (there is no such character in the book) in the end. It is about embracing. That religion/goodness should be defined not by who it excludes but must be define who it embraces. I wish I can quote it in toto. 

And I don't simply give up. So, here is the lifted script from the movie:

             I'm not sure what the theme of my homily today ought to be. Do I want to speak of the miracle... of our Lord's divine transformation? Not really, no. I don't want to talk about His divinity. I'd rather talk about His humanity. I mean, you know, how he lived his life here on Earth. His kindness. His tolerance.

                Listen, here's what I think. I think we can't go around...measuring our goodness by what we don't do. By what we deny ourselves...what we resist and who we exclude. I think we've got to measure goodness...by what we embrace...what we create... and who we include.

                It was certainly not... the most fiery sermon Pere Henri would ever preach...nor the most eloquent. But the parishioners felt a new sensation that day.


At any rate, here are what the book showers that I think could/should interest everyone:

“I sell dreams, small comforts, sweet harmless temptations to bring down a multitude of saints crashing among the hazels and nougatines” 

“Sheep are not the docile, pleasant creatures of the pastoral idyll. Any countryman will tell you that. They are sly, occasionally vicious, pathologically stupid. The lenient shepherd may find his flock unruly, definant. I cannot afford to be lenient.” 

“Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end.” 

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” 

“I don't think that white collar gives you sole right of access to the divine.” 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Face of Mangkasanon: Arroz Caldo ni Tiya Maria

A pose with the serene-faced Tiya Maria.

If there is a Hall of Fame for the people of La Carlota City, Tiya Maria will surely be in the list. Her arroz caldo, a salted rice porridge topped with toasted garlic and served either with boiled egg or chicken part, has stood the test of time. She started her backyard business literally in her backyard in 1991. I was in my elementary years then and always passed by her house-turned-arrozcaldohan (place for arroz caldo). 

From then on up to now, her arroz caldo earned a following, from hospital workers, police officers, school teachers to students as well as weary travellers who get down in the Happy Valley or in corner of Uriarte Subdivision. Now at 82 and suffering from cataract, Tiya Maria enjoys listening to the radio and the chortles of her grandchildren as well as great grandchildren. She passed on her trade secrets to her children who now run the business, still in their backyard. However, even without signboards or advertising, the arroz caldo will always be called Arroz Caldo Ni Tiyay Maria (Arroz Caldo of Aunt Maria).  
The Arroz Caldo with egg I partook lately.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Lady of Manaoag: Pope declares as Minor Basilica

On 11 October 2014, the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine or more popularly referred as Our Lady of Manaog or Manaoag Shrine in Manaoag, Pangasinan was officially declared as a minor basilica by Pope Francis and a rite was locally held last 16 February 2015.

Local news say that the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag is also a parish church of the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan and that it is an affiliate of the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

It is also said that a church is raised to the status of a minor basilica when it has "unusual historical significance" or is "especially sacred because of the presence of a relic or relics." And only a Pope can declare a church as a minor basilica.

In the following photos, I am sharing to you my visit in 2012 to this church which houses the miraculous Lady of Manaoag. 

Just touching any part of the body of this miraculous Lady will grant some innermost prayer.


The historical account as to the establishment of the current church.


The pilgrims and parishioners who attended the 5 am mass.


Side facade of the cathedral.




These people are falling in line at the back of the church in order to touch any of the parts of the Our Lady of Manaoag which is placed at the center of the church. 


The churches' facade.


Here are some of the mememtos and pasalubongs sold outside the church:





Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Memoirs under Fire: Under the Tuscan Sun and It happened in Italy

Under the Tuscan Sun is set in Cortona, Italy where the American author Frances Mayes bought a house and narrated her experiences in settling in an Italian Village where Etruscan civilization once flourished. She shuttled back and forth in US and Italy and made homes in two continents. Please see my book review here.

It happened in Italy is a storytelling by an Italian-American author Elizabeth Bettina who learned that her grandmother's hometown in Italy called Campagna had been an internment camp of a number of Jews during the holocaust. No one seems to perpetuate stories on Jews in Italy because they have a happy story of survival unlike those that happened in camps where dancing with death were told over and over. Please see my review here.


I had said my piece for the two books and authors in my respective review of the books but a desire to bring both of them under one review is strong that I have to write it down and blow it away from my consciousness.

I can't help but compare the two books. Both are set in my place of interest: Italy. The "Under The Tuscan Sun" has a more interesting topic of personal journey of finding one's home in a foreign land, Italy at that while "It happened in Italy" has a predictive storyline, that is, a happy story of being treated well in Italy so that they survived the Holocaust and how the author brought the survivors in America back to Italy (including a visit to the pope). 

However, of the two books, I was more entertained by the flow of storytelling by Bettina because of her boldness and eternal belief in her good news. In as much as I wish, I wanted to like Mayes more because she has the literary mind, an eagle-eye to details, and she cooks but she lost me along the way. I finished her book because I am genuinely interested to know more of Italian author. 

Despite my review on the latter, I am happy I go hold of these two books in succession. Italians have the big heart too, despite my first serious read other than the travel books, The Monster of Florence. My review is here.  

Just sharing! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Madame Cloe Jalipa: The girl from Antique has become a butterfly in Monaco (A Collection of her 2014 Paintings)

A friend of hers with a Lady Bug, 
a good luck insect in Europe. 
This is a favorite of mine!

Her portraits caught my attention. The faces in them have the surprising rawness and life. She has the talent in rendering faces that I cannot believe that she picked up the brush and easel only about six months ago; it appears to me that she has been doing this for a hundred years already. Her portraits are not mute faces; the eyes tell stories. Also, they have either ladybug, puma, butterflies, owl or violets with them. Self-portraits are most of them; subtle storytelling of a woman who found her art. She rejoices in her milestone in having her works of art part of the lively art scene in Monaco as well as UNESCO but little did she know that it is not the outward recognition that I wished to congratulate her for. It is her inward growth -- of finding her art and her expression -- which allowed her to fly like a Mariposa butterfly transformed from a larva to a pretty winged creature that I most want to celebrate with her. The girl from Antique has become a butterfly in Monaco. With jubilation, I wish her a fruitful 2015, especially painting-wise!   

A self-portrait with puma rather than a cat.(Just guessing)


A happy lady with Mariposa swinging by her petal earring.
This is a self-portrait and a favorite of mine.


Another butterfly story and a self-portrait.


An eagle and a lady. This is also my favorite.


A lady with the violets.


I guess, this is her take on the Malakas and Maganda story.


Forlorn lady among the mushrooms.


An invitation from her first exhibition in Monaco.


Her first affirmation that she is among the professionals.
The girl from Antique has become a butterfly in Monaco.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

It happened in Italy

It happened in Italy
by Elizabeth Bettina
Softbound, 331 pages (appendices not included)
2009, Non-fiction/History

I once posted in my status message that I almost gave up on this book after two chapters. Actually, I read the preface and the Introduction which are five pages only. I said so because the preface and the introduction did not set the mood of the book but only spoiled it because I felt the exultation to goodness was overrated.  So, I recommend that one should go to Chapter I right away.

From Chapter 1 up to 53 plus the epilogue and afterword as well as some appendices, I was swayed by the book. I could not believe myself being hooked in the storytelling which does not involve conflict and so much suspense. The story teller is alive in every page. Author Bettina has the vitality in her story telling. Her otherwise boring and simple topic became alive in every page. She made the reader part of the journey on how she first discovered the fact that her grandmother's hometown in Italy called Campagna became an internment camp for Jews during the Holocaust.

How she first met her first Campagna camp internee up to her meeting the others who were interned in various part of Italy as well as how she worked out into bringing the aging Jews who settled in America back to Italy up to her experience of meeting the Pope in the Vatican. Her tales on meeting strangers who became common friends with the survivors as well as her befriending a trumpet player in an autostrada or an open public space where Italians flock to eat and listen to music, who was instrumental to her contacts in the Vatican. Her excitement got me as well she got me on her personal journey when she was operated interim the trips and her grandmother's and grandaunt's deaths. All I can say is that she is one great planner!

From the start, her message is clear but she said it last in her book: If you are not indifferent -- things can be different. I was not compelled to highlight any passage but I am pleasantly surprised because even the predictability of the storyline did not shoo me away from this book.

I think the strongest message of this book is that we can be Italians too who risked their lives for the Jews because they are "Christians" or "human beings" (equivalent Italian word have these two words to mean the same) too. The Italian government itself gave stipend to the internees. So we can say that it is understandable that the survivors need to tell the world because Italians did the right thing during the Holocaust: To save lives.

In this book, Bettina is engaging and sincere in her story telling so that although from the first few chapters, one can already stop and "get it" already. But mind you, there are things on the last chapters that you need to know.   

Memorable lines:

The most educated group of people in the world at the time created the Holocaust and the "Final Solution." Yet in many cases, it was the simple people, the "uneducated" people who saved the Jews. 
Simple goodness triumphed over sophisticated evil. 

If you are not indifferent -- things can be different.

Bad times, good people. (Actually, this is the title of the book of survivor Walter Wolff).


A glimpse on many places in Italy and the book comes with mini-maps which really helped. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

To love like an eagle (Inspired by a visit at the Philippine Eagle Center, Davao City)

Our tale starts not in who saw each other first.
We both simply soar high over this nesting territory.
Against the backdrop of our clear skies,
I dropped myself slantingly
and you incessantly trailed me.
You reached me with your majestic talons
and I found myself flipping over to offer you mine.
It was you who consistently cruised with me
and I made many calling sounds in return.
“Are we meant for each other?” I asked.
Then you brought some twigs
and I picked some leaves.
“We are!” you declared.
We both found our nesting territory.
And we made love in the nest and everywhere we can perch.
We do this not only to ensure the next generation
but we do this too to bond.
Our hatchling will leave us after two years if it survives
but we will never leave each other.
And every after two years, we love like it was our first time.
And our tale ends in who left each other first
because to love like an eagle
is to love “Till death do us part.”

Copyright Gerlie M. Uy

February 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

25 reasons you should be in PAO (From the desk of a Public Attorney who just turned five*)

A pose with our PAO Chief Persida Acosta during the 2009 PAO Convention

1. First of all, you have the opportunity to serve the poor.
2. If you don’t know how to handle the commercial side of private practice, then this is your nest.
3. If you want confrontations all the time, here, you are inside the courtroom most of the time.
4. If you love the RPC, then you are in the right place.
5. If you are a true blue public servant, you are at home.
6. But here, unlike its counterpart, you may handle a civil case.
7. If you are a psychiatrist in your past life, you can summon such talent from time to time in handling ‘special’ clients.
8. If you avoid ‘toxic’ partners, you will enjoy serving this firm ran according to MC-18.
9. If you can deal with 8 to 5 work clock, then stay here.
10. If you have the patience to understand and remember over a hundred cases, come here.
11. If you value peace of mind over money vis-a-vis corruption, then here is the place to be.
12. If you are some kind of a lie detector, you will always put into practice such skill.
13. The pay is being improved in the advent of RA 9406.
14. If you consider your work as a home base, this is your family.
15. If you can live under minimalistic approach, you will overcome the challenge of limited office supplies.
16. If you hate bills from telephone to water to electricity and updating your secretary’s pay, this is where you have to think of your cases and clients.
17. If you are not to be bothered by BIR of many kinds of taxes, this is the place to breathe free.
18. If you want an opportunity to warn robbers never to rob your house, snatchers not to snatch your cellphone or thieves not to steal your bag, then being a PAO lawyer is the answer.
19. To see repentance, humility and eagerness to change in the eyes of a human being is one of the rewards of being here.
20. To see the eagerness to prove the truth and the innocence in the eyes of a human being is another reward to consider.
21. If you want to appreciate first hand the networking of the different government agencies which do not expect money or favors in exchange but for the sake of public service alone, then be here.
22. If you believe that it is better to free a hundred criminals than to imprison a single innocent person, here in PAO, we mean that as our business.
23. If you want to understand the importance of liberty, stay here.
24. If you want to do good and be thanked in return or do good and not even cared to be thanked, then here is a room for you.
25. If you want to spread KINDNESS to another human being, come to PAO. You are very well welcome here.
*I want to retain my original title on this piece. However, I have to be accurate: since my footnote in the original article says that I finished this piece on May 10, 2009, I should be celebrating my 5th year as a lawyer and 4th with the PAO.  This article first appeared in my now-defunct Friendster account. At the time I wrote it, I never thought I would be writing my tenth this year with the same office. I am glad I celebrated my tenth this year with same office!

Monday, February 9, 2015

My ten-year lawyering spree at PAO

My dusty diaries tell of my ten-year journey 
so that I am still keeping my schedule the traditional way!
     I am aching to write about my ten years as a lawyer in public service. Alas, I did not keep a journal. It is no accident that every writer has one, but can you blame this soul when scribbling is a luxury since post-bar era and typing is the trend since day one in my work area? But I just can't give up, so an idea just came about. I dusted off my ten schedule books that served me from February 2005 until December 2014.
     In my schedule books are the cases for trial. It is a tragedy that the cases for mediation were not entered there; they will just fade away unless my memory can salvage them. I started with the notebook-sized moss-green book with gold-inscribed print: 2005 diary. It seems I need not move forward from there because on the inside cover, I copied from the wall of the old MTCC sala, these profound words from Daniel Webster on the profession.

     "Our profession is good if practiced in the spirit of it; it is damnable fraud and iniquity when its true spirit is supplied by a spirit of mischief-making and money-getting. The love of fame is extinguished; every ardent wish for knowledge repressed; conscience put in jeopardy, and the best feelings of the heart indurated by the mean, money-catching, abominable practices, which cover with disgrace some of the modern practitioners of law."

     As I leaf through from February to December, I can recall the cases where I get dazed by the mere conduct of pre-trial, where I got the initial fluttering in my stomach because of my first cross-examination, where I was frozen because direct examination frightens me, where I realized that the book on art of cross-examination is not useful in real life, where I realized that I should also be a walking lie detector because of tales coming from my clients, and the list can go on as my learning progressed till the first year ended.
     I should not fail to mention here that on my first year, I defended myself from false accusations when I was made to explain by our central office because I got a handwritten letter-complaint from a sister of a client who was residing in Manila and who has not inquired of the status of his brother's case here in Negros Occidetal. Well, I got another one within my decade. I was vindicated in both but was I bothered? Of course, I was. As a mentor said, even if we try hard to do the right thing, there will always be a complaint. That is part of our job.


     My Executive Diary 2006 is maroon in color and still a regular notebook in size. On the fly leaf, I scribbled the Centennial Prayer which I remember I copied from an old calendar of an MTC. I believed then and now that lawyers and all workers in the justice system should look no farther for inspiration in their daily grind but to strive to embody to be the answer to this meaningful prayer.

    "Almighty GOD, we stand in your holy presence as our Supreme Judge. We humbly beseech you to bless and inspire us so that what we think, say, and do will be in accordance with your will. Enlighten our minds, strengthen our spirit and fill our hearts with fraternal love, wisdom and understanding, so that we can be effective channels of truth, justice and peace. In our proceedings today, guide us in the path of righteousness for the fulfillment of your greater glory. Amen."

     This year's entries reminded me of my cases where I eventually had acquittals years after. An entry on the 20th of January, a case for promulgation was logged. This is a case where I got an acquittal for my client in Theft. It was an inherited case but I presented the accused and submitted a memorandum on this one. I can recall my client was acquitted for a different reason but I just can't forget that, among others, I argued here whether it is theft if the tree said to be stolen was still standing when it was stolen. I was trying to establish that it is not a personal property. I forgot how the argument I made went. I am just happy that up to now, I still have the same amount of enthusiasm for each case I encounter every now and then.

Taken at a 2012 seminar in Bayview Hotel.


      My 2007 Daily Planner looks like a handy Bible. I know that I bought this in a hurry because I like the weekly dates in one spread rather than this a-page-a-day type; I want to see my cases in a week at once. No quotes on its fly leaf. In lieu, I can see among the stapled one-eighth of a bondpaper with scribbled notes on my course of action in a civil case. This is a case where the "notice of hearing" taught me hard and well. In the fit of a mozart-like dedication in composing pages and pages of my motion for reconsideration, I forgot to put a notice of hearing. My MR was denied because of it. I was devastated that I want to bite my elbows, left and right! I want to dissolve in the face of earth until I was solid again upon learning that my clients cannot afford the appeal bond so that appealing became out of question.


     My 2008 Executive Planner is also a navy blue with the size of a regular notebook. I saw no quotes worthy of my scribbling because the fly leaf is only peppered with names and contact numbers. From the entries in my planner, one name surfaced and this name pestered me for years to come. This client is in the number one spot in my most diffcult clients, and overtaken by another only December last year. I am glad that they did not arrive together in time and space. With this client, I have to stretch my patience like the Biblical forgiveness of seventy times seven. With this client, I have to read books on psychology, and even psychiatry because merely understanding sociology or social psychology is not enough. I believe, it was no coincidence that sanity-saving Desiderata was written by a lawyer. With this client, I have become a lawyer-philosopher myself and I should expand a line in the prose poem to say, "listen to others, even the dull, the ignorant and the almost-insane; they too have their own story."


     Pocket Diary 2009. I love the size of this one and my diaries onward will be of this size. On the fly leaf, I saw a name of a future client for declaration of nullity of marriage. I filed the case but the same was withdrawn later on by her because she and her husband reconciled. I can't forget her letter to me telling me that her marriage is not working anymore because it is like putting the switch into off and on over and over until the bulb got destroyed. When she approached me that she wished to withdraw her petition, I wanted to ask her whether what they did in their case was to buy a new bulb!
     While skimming the pages, I folded two more pages. I smiled when I saw the names of the parties in a civil case for ejectment. While we were conducting an informal conference, the environment-protection-advocate plaintiff said that what she really can't accept from my client, a land laborer in his late twenties, is that he destroys the growing trees. My client immediately countered saying, "No, I did not destroy the trees, I just cut and burned down one fist-sized serguellas." I saw the plaintiff's rosy cheeks turn pale!
     On a serious note for this year, I should tell this one. One defining moment for a defense lawyer is when her client is acquitted at the end of trial. But a long and hard look at it, sometimes, I want to push myself more telling myself to spare the innocent the earliest possible time from the court processes. This is one case that I wished I did more to spare the guy. He was acquitted at the end of the trial and after the promulgation of his sentence, it was the first time that I saw a man shed tears in the courtroom.

This is my canvass for the year 2015. 

     2010 Weekly Planner. Brown with snake-skin cover design. There is the case where I requested the NBI for handwriting expert. Also, I can see the case where I learned about shotgun, 45 caliber, 38 caliber etc and the wounds they create. I can also see the name of a client whose case I want to see ended as soon as possible, otherwise, I can publish a book entitled, "Sign Language Aside: How To Deal With Almost-Deaf Client With No Shouting Please." I also saw the name of a client whose luck is so bad because when she was a baby she was registered thrice. We were able to cancel the second registration via a court judgment, only to find out that there is an earliest registration. I see here the name of one client of mine whose name included Maria and we filed a case against her husband. She said, she can't just throw vindictive to her husband because his name is "Jesus." From this one, let's move on to a whole new year!

A latest photo of me in my office nook!

    2011 Executive Diary. It is navy blue and pocket in size. No quotes in the fly leaf which saddened me a bit. No one is decorating the walls with inspiring words anymore; I should start a tradition myself here. One case logged in my diary reminded me of my disappointment when only last year I learned that the Order of Finality issued to my client by DAR was still set aside by same office which granted it years ago; sprouting criminal cases are the interrim result until the case will finally be decided by the national office.
    There is also this case where my clients were acquitted and where I can also say to myself that sometimes our justice system cannot guarantee peace even after trial. The aging private complainant cried out her disagreement while still in the courtroom and while walking down the corridor. I told my clients to remain humble, afterall, she is their aunt and to delay going home as they might get into trouble if they leave together. I appreciate the wisdom and policy behind the mediation and conciliation. There, the parties leave shaking hands and greeting each other after reaching an agreement which serves as judgment.


    2012 Diary is apple green with spiral binding. I spotted the name of an accused but I believe his case started even at least a year ago. This one, and actually countless others, is one of those who have obnoxious characters so that I wish I have a choice of denying my legal services to him. Since I have no choice, I have to! He was convicted to a lower charge and was given a minimum penalty. To my dismay...
    I have funny anecdotes for this year involving the relatives of my clients which will better wait for their proper exposure in a book I am preparing which I provisionally name as "Legal Laughs."


     2013 Wallet Planner is navy blue in color and opens horizontally. I have a case this year that brought to mind the indigency requirements that were surreptitiously removed from my desk. Since the office has no CCTV, I cannot prove who actually took it but I can surely lengthily discuss who has the motive to get it. Because of this case, I got my second letter from the central office requiring me to explain my side within 72-hours. I was vindicated in 2014. Memorable case! And the memorable lesson? Keep your table clear so you can keep an eye on your documents. 
     I have a few entries on nullity cases where I represent the defendants. My clients in this kind of case want freedom too. They also want peace of mind; they want to move on. But still, they want me to oppose the petition of their husbands/wives because they contain fabrications and they cannot stomach the falsehood hurled to them. I told them, it was only a dramatized narration of facts and they should not take offense over them. But then they insist and I have to heed them! (Generally, they cannot come during their own presentation of evidence).


     My 2014 planner is still lying in the office, so I have to end here. There are still many defining moments waiting to be told but I have to stick on what came first to mind. So long, my friend, till the next ten years!