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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where's where in Island Garden City of Samal (IGCOS), Davao Del Norte

The pool is on the left while the beach is on the right.
Just choose your swim, and if you can't figure out, try both.

1. Camp Holiday, located in Babak district, is just near the Ferry going to Samal. A Holiday Bus is also available from Magsaysay Park up to Penaplata District in Samal island. It is highly recommended as home-base while one is in Samal. One can hire tricycle or motorcycle to bring one in his places of interest. Aside from kiddie pool, Camp Holiday has a pool for check-in guests and the fenced beach which can be enjoyed with day trippers. Weekend nights feature a band and fire dancing too which can be enjoyed while one is dipping in the pool or in the beach.


Fruit bats abound in the area, hence the Guinness Certification!

This is just in the mouth of the Fruit Bats colony

2. MONFORT BAT SANCTUARY. For an entrance of P100 one can tour the fruit bat colony. The foundation maintains the natural habitat of the fruit bats. Expect foul smell but since they're fruit-eating, one can decide that the smell is not that gross compared to those usually encountered in caves.


Holiday View Deck overlooking Samal's finest yachts.
3. YACHT VIEWING. We went to the Holiday viewing deck where we were able to peek on the yachts owned by Samal's rich and famouse as well as we learned that some are for rent. 


The White House owned by the followers of Moncado known as Moncadista.

This is at the back of the White House which overlooks
the Davao Gulf dividing Davao city and Samal Island. 
3. MONCADO'S WHITE HOUSE. Quite far from the highway as this is located on the hilly and central portion of the Isaland, this place is worth a look even via a motorcycle ride as it can be a spectacular site for photography. Just a little ahead of this site is a community organized by the Moncadista. Hilario Camino Moncado (1898-1956) was the founder and supreme commander-in-chief of the Filipino Crusaders World Army (FCWA). At the age of nine he graduated with honors from the College of Mystery and Psychics in Calcutta, India. Multi-talented, he was an author, pianist, publisher, an avid golfer, a member of the 1934 Constitutional Convention, and even ran for President in the 1946 elections against Manuel Roxas and Sergio OsmeƱa. 


4. We were not able to swim in Maxima Aqua Fun but definitely, this is a reason to go back in Samal Island because the water is so enticing with its clear blue waters and corals-laden underneath. Aside from this, the long slide is a must-try adventure. Allot one whole day for this one.


5. Hagimit Falls is serene and enchanting and located just near the entry to the Maxima Aqua Fun. Resting and Picnicking are reasons to stay in this place. For an entrance fee of P50, one can enjoy a walk down a 600-m steps down to the rushing short waterfalls. The waters is cool and clean.


6. LANGKA OR MANGO DELIGHT in the pasalubong center called Delicacies located in Villarica, babak District is highly recommended to cap the day's activity!