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Saturday, November 29, 2014

How to Travel in Foot-and-Fire Style

Victory Fly with the Philippine Eagle in the Philippine Eagle Center, Davao City.

1. HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL PLACES APPEAL TO ME. I love culturally and historically rich places. I love temples, churches and prayer hills. I love the outdoors and walking. I love the streets and discovering nooks and crannies. I can skip malls and swimming pools as well as boutique spas for all of these ancient glories.

2. DON'T BE LATE. It is better to be early than to be sorry is a good travel policy, especially if it is about the airlines and sticking to the organized tour schedule. Waking up early also has an advantage for photographers and early morning walkers like me.

At the Fruit Stand in Davao City

3. BE ORGANIZED BUT BE READY TO DETOUR. Not that I am a control freak but it pays to be organized. Upon arrival in the airport, secure some local currencies first before hailing a taxi. Or better yet, secure an airport pick up. But if anything goes differently as expected, pursue plan B and be brave.

4. INDULGE IN YOUR PASSION. I love to cook and taste something new. I love spices and teas so I try to taste some and bring home some.

Our pose with the groovy museum tour guide of Museum Dabawenyo.

5. GO IN GROUPS. Many cooks spoil the porridge but it pays to go in group with flexible friends who are ready to welcome common friends. But since, one is in a group, one has to be prepared in case one of the friends get sick or denied by the immigration officer; it can get stressful.

6. BUILD AN ITINERARY AROUND YOUR FAVORITE ACTIVITY.  Cooking/Food/Spices, arts and crafts, and tourist spots are my priorities. These are the basics in my travels.

Behind me is the replica of Waling-waling orchid
and the Durian located just in front of the Davao City Hall.

7. LADIES, MIND YOUR HAIR BUT FORGET THE REST. I can appreciate the beaches more if I swam in it so that I don't care if I forgot to put sunblock or have hard hair afterwards since I have a few days of vacation and days of being-in-the-office. Never say "No" because of sunburns and dry hairs.

8. PACK LIGHTLY. It pays to travel light and bring the essential clothes and toiletries. No need to bring 500ml of your favorite shampoo or lotion if one can use only 50ml all throughout the trip.

I and my sister traveled like the locals during our ascent
to the hilly municipality of Lake Sebu.

9. MOVE ON. It always happens that glitches occur when travelling. Just take a deep breath and move on.


*Inspired by Wanderlust entry in the November 2014 in-flight magazine of Cebu Pacific called Smile entitled, "How to travel like a King," with Joey Mead-King as the featured traveller.

* Photos are taken during our recent Mindanao tour with route: Samal Island-Davao City-Marbel/Koronadal-Lake Sebu trips.