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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Love Affair with Coursera

I read it in the Reader's Digest magazine long ago and stored such information in the my long term memory.
I did not enrol right away because my laptop required to hook me on the house desk, which I cannot do with pleasure since I work during office hours. When I acquired an ipad, I didn't realize that Coursera has an application until one time, I searched for it. It required an upgraded operating system which took me some time to decide whether to download or not. One day, I simply upgraded on a whim because I wanted to check out the courses.

Coursera is an array of free online courses taught by professors from leading schools and universities from around the world on subjects from Arts to Teacher Professional Development. It's a learning opportunity. It's a learning experience. And it's free.

Anyone from all walks of life, can read and has internet connection can avail of this learning opportunity. Since I am so happy learning from Coursera, I wanted to share this with everyone, especially to those whose time were killed by online games. 

While I did not take the quizzes, do chats and sharing at the community wall and participate in some video conversation, I enjoyed my first course in Introduction to Forensics (1 video per week for 8 weeks) taught by a professor in Nanyang University in Singapore. However, one can choose to graduate and receive certificate of completion by doing the tasks required by the course. But like me, I enrolled and simply enjoyed the downloaded video offline at my most convenient and free time.

My second course which I just concluded last week was Social Psychology (7 weeks) taught by a professor from Wesleyan University. Vis-a-vis this course, I was downloading Learning How To Learn (4 weeks) for my later perusal. I am perusing the latter these days.

I want you to find your course too. There is no limitation in knowledge acquisition. Hope you will find Coursera helpful as I did. I am sharing this news to you as my sort of "Compassion" project required at the end of the Social Psychology class. 

(P.S. I wrote this article on 25 August 2014).