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Monday, May 26, 2014

A Poem on Thingyan Festival: Maha Thingyan in New Year

This must be the small glutinous rice balls formed 
by women on the street of Yangon
 in celebration of the Thingyan Festival.


This a lady's market basket filled with Padauk flower.


The Myanmarese enjoying their splashing of water along the road.


Padauk flowers in the bloom
Thingyan Festival is coming soon;
Fragrant water will be splashed
Affectionate ties are to be blessed;
Traditional short drums appear
With amusing style of Shwe Yoe dancer;
His melodious dance is so prominent
Making onlookers feel acquainted;
Eugenia leaves spread its shoots
Fresh and green are for strong mood;
Wishing free from all dangers
Splashing water each other;
Tagu month is unrivaled
Fantastic moment with festival;
Auspiciousness is extended
All can enjoy the calmness;
Thingyan clear all angers
Smile appears together;
In pouring Thingyan water
Old years' defilement are cleared;
Joyous moods are in rhythm
Happy, exciting in Thingyan;
As one of the ancient cultures
We should conserve it forever;
Small glutinous rice dumplings
They keep our hearts exciting;
Washing hairs of the aged
Doing merits seasonal trait;
Good deeds turn out peaceful minds
They represent tranquil signs.

Pho Laylone Thaung Ko Ko
Translation: AK 
12 April 2014 The New Light of Myanmar