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Saturday, January 25, 2014

My gift to Tin and Mookie on their wedding: "I wish your young love sweet joy"


I wish your young love sweet joy*
For Ma. Christine Antonette and Mark Partrick

I wish your young love
will grow
like a raton planted in a potent soil,
Or will thrive
like cut canes inches above the ground.

I wish your growing love
will mature
like newly cut cane turned into molasses;
Or will be purified
like the crystal white sugar.

I wish your maturing love
will survive
like a cane standing despite the slashing,
Or will triumph
like a cane shooting despite the burning.

Above all, I wish your surviving love
will nourish each other
like sugar bits compacted into cube,
And will flourish
like sugar giving sweet joy to a home in every way.

*copyright 2014 by Gerlie M. Uy