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Monday, October 7, 2013

Noynoy meets Mali in Manila Zoo

Noynoy experienced his first view of a live elephant. He said that Mali is very good in fashion show, referring to the elephant's going to and fro at the edge of her man-made habitat. Noynoy also observed that Mali is fat, referring to the huge body of elephant. But actually, I thought Mali is a young elephant because she is "cute" (word choice of noynoy) and because she is not as tall and gigantic compared to the elephants I saw in Thailand and Mali has an evidently well tendered outer skin. 

Mali gained popularity after Hollywood personalities asked for his release from Manila Zoo and to be delivered to a suitable habitat in other neighboring country. 

Mali actually is a very old lady already.  According to Animal Welfare Coalition Vet Ken Chua, the life span of an elephant in captivity is 42 while Mali is 39. In a report, according to Chua, if Mali leaves the country, chances will be that she won't reach Thailand and she will be put to a lot of stress as she would be placed in crate, loaded in an aircraft, quarantined and perhaps sedated.

And I say, Noynoy is lucky to have met Mali, then.