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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FOOT: A Play on Rizal in the Gardens of Fort Santiago welcomed us

TRUE TO LIFE PLAY: Actors playing Teodora Alonzo 
and Jose Rizal gave us an early morning goosebumps!

Early birds catch worms indeed. My troop decided to pass by the historical passageways and gigantic ornate and solemn old buildings of Intramuros. We avoided the kalesa, the trike, the padyak and set on foot. But despite our slow pace, we reached Fort Santiago just in time when Rizal's Jesuit teacher Francisco de Paula Sanchez's overpowering voice caught our attention. The play in the garden just started!

We approached the four-man act surrounded by students and fellow tourists. We listened to the English and Filipino narrations and words of the characters, consisting of Josephine Bracken, Teodora Alonzo and Jose Rizal in addition to the Fr. Sanchez. 

  In a report, the play which was written by Anton Juan and Oliver Quintana with music by Gary Granada aimed to humanize the iconic Rizal through the scenes of his last sorrowful moments with his mother Teodora Alonzo and his beloved Josephine Bracken. Meanwhile, Fr. Sanchez acted as narrator.

The 40-minute musical - drama play is more than entertaining as it also stages as a gateway to some serious study on Rizal and the Philippine history, both by the Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Fr. Sanchez who narrates and at times, sings!


Rizal with her doting mother Teodora Alonzo.
The actor who played Teodora Alonzo gave us goosebumps.


The actor of Josephine Bracken
who has the evident natural foreign accent also played well.


The heart-breaking moment between Rizal and Bracken is played well the actors.
Both sing well too.


Fr. Sanchez delivers his piece giving the audience an insight on Rizal as a student
 and also Rizal as a reactionary during his times.


A standing ovation to Mama Teodora Alonzo...