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Friday, August 16, 2013

FIRE: Revisiting my attempts on Green Thumb

I really loved to plant but I think the plant cannot love me back. At least, just for now.  Must be because I have no sunny-laid lawn yet. A good friend always gave me plants before but they simply did not survive until I declined and told her that I should enjoy them in her garden until such time I can have my own. I pity the plants as they will simply die with me.

However, I recalled that I had a collection of cactus in my student days. I loved cactus. Cacti are low maintenance. They thrive in little water, little sun, little sand, little care and attention from me. I am more like a cactus, actually. I am low maintenance kind. And I think I can thrive anywhere.

I am planning to have hanging plants soon, the ones which acts as air filter too, and start a cactus collection anew... Soon!