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Sunday, June 16, 2013

My El Nido Tours A and C vs Halong Bay Cruise

This is one of the many photos I got with karsts on it. 
The pristine beach, the fine white sand and the smiles of the tour guides 
will always be the feature of this tour.
This is from EL NIDO, Palawan, Philippines!


This is one of the many karsts I photographed in Halong Bay, North of Vietnam.
 The monstrosity and the number of karts will amaze any traveller.


I decided that my El Nido Trip vs Halong Bay Cruise are two different experiences. I encourage all Filipinos to take the El Nido trip as one can really appreciate the truest sense of the word archipelago when one gets to see the beaches and karsts there; it also made me prouder of our natural riches.

Friend Doc Judy Ann, a certified traveller and top-notch photographer, says, "One should see El Nido in his lifetime... Truly a wonder of nature... God's gift to mankind... I would want to visit El Nido again and again..."

Meanwhile, my multi-awarded photographer friend Bernadette says that "El Nido is heavenly!"

As for the Ha Long Bay tour we had last year (2012), it was more of the wonderment in the number of karsts (2,000 of them) and the joy of cruising at night too that made such experience unique.

I must add that the Filipino tour guides are all around and happy to serve while the tour guide we unluckily had in our Halong Bay Tour (who of course came from Hanoi) is such a snob and has no manners as genuine as the tour guides we experienced in Palawan. His name is SAM, and we call him SAMBAG because he is as sour as a tamarind.

More hails to our kababayans. I think I must dedicate a blog page on a tale about the all-around Palawan tour guides! <3 p="">