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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Charm of El Nido beach front

The charm of El Nido beachfront is enticing. One can see the giant karst that appears to serve as wall of the El Nido beach front and immediate vicinity extending to the side of the market. The view is constantly moving, with the boats being perched there from time to time...

Enjoying the morning El Nido breeze

The beachfront view..

A View of the Karst on the side of the market and just behind the beachfront.

another beachfront photo.

We stayed for a night here...and transferred to Northern Star Lodge the next night.
 We took the Tour A and Tour C and I highly recommend the same tours...
El Nido has limited electricity as it is available only from 2pm to 6 am... 
The water is also not abundant.... But the moment one steps out and escape tot he island, all the inconveniences are gone in seconds...

The side of the beach guarded by the karst that seems to serve as wall too.

Another photo of the giant karst..

The busy beachfront. I wonder why the shoreline and the lodges and restos are just s few meters away. 
This must be bad for the waters eventually.

While having coffee at Rovic's...