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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Figures and Faces of Karsts in Palawan

This is a peacock in my eyes!

Karsts do not only astound us, they also spark our imagination as we traverse the high seas of Palawan... Check out the photo below if you can at least agree on one of my figure interpretation.... 
Just sharing you my travel joy...

This is the Helicopter Island. On the left is the tail and on the right is the face 
and the protruding part is the propeller. See, see?

This looks like a turtle to me. The not-shy head is on the right and the shell is the bigger portion! 
You get what I mean? 

A sleeping dog. This must be snoopy. On the left is the folded leg, then the body with long ears, then the eyes and brown nose and another contour for the ears. Got it?

This is a mushroom. And we have no problem with that, do we?

Two skeleton devils or two dinosaur fossils. 
Whichever you see, they are not pretty for sure.

My mother enjoying the boat ride and the view.

My father is seriously figuring out the figures presented to him by the karst.

A bust looking on the left side. 
The eye is the portion with a white dot, the nose is pointed and the lip is pouting. 
We got Naomi Campbell on this one, huh?

A sleeping giant as the it faces the sky. 
From left is the chin, then a smirk, then the protruding nose, and then the eye and a forehead....

A clown or Joker? Facing the right side, I can surmise an eye, then a quirky nose, 
then a chubby face and a pouting lip.

This is a sleeping rat facing the left side. 
The head and body of this rat are lying flat on the sea floor.