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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coron Town: Maquinit Hot Spring

The initial dip of the body in this 40 C hot spring is a challenge but once one gets into it, 
one cannot help but dip and take a plunge.

 Enjoying the initial and challenging dip.

Getting used to the hot waters for a while... 
And everyone wished that this hot spring is just within our neighborhood access. 

A welcome signage. it spelled Maquinit but I saw it spelled Makinit somewhere too...
Entrance fee is P150 and it closes until 10pm.

A welcome piece inside the hot spring. 

A birthday celebration of Jess inside the Maquinit Hot Spring.

The lush mangrove just before the hot spring pool...





Four shots of the rough and curvy road going up the hot spring... whooosh. 
Tricycle hire is P300/4pax per trike.