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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pang us tubo! (munching sugarcane)

One of the best sugarcane strain is called la carlota... It is robust with purplish green peeling. Pang us is a hiligaynon term for eating or chewing sugarcane and extracting its juice while it is still in the mouth! Munching is not an exact translation because pang us is exclusively used to describe in eating

Pang us is a hiligaynon term used to describe eating sugarcane. It can be described as munching or chewing while extracting the juice of the cane and spitting the fibers. One of the best sugarcane strains is called la carlota, it is a robust, purplish and greenish in color and of course, sweet. Every one who came to live and had his/her childhood in Negros understands the pleasure of munching tubo or sugarcane... It is great to travel to memory lane once in a while.