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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A prayer for woman of the world

Lord, I have no power but I have compassion;
I can understand
I can feel
I can act out of compassion.

Lord, i have no gold but I have working hands;
I can do my share
I can reach for help
I can work for my self and others.

Lord, I have no flock but I have fellow dreamers;
I can share
I can give
I can lead noble causes.

Lord, I create no machine but I mind the kids.
I can see nature
I can feel for nature
I can work for the future minding our children.

Lord, given what i am and what i can,
Let me work with the world,
And let the world work with me,
Let everyone know that my household embraces the world.

by Gerlie M. Uy
7:11am 3/13/13