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Friday, February 22, 2013

Even for once (It feels good to be unfeeling about things )

Driven by an unusual force, 

I plucked off the rack 
the magazines and books
reserved for “future” research.
And by my by-hook-or-by-crook resolution,
I painfully lifted the old TV set,
the VHS rewinder,
the karaoke cassette player 
and others.
As if nothing before my eyes is enough, 
I ripped open the dusty plastic bags 
and one by one tossed to the can 
many “saved” things 
from discolored Tupperware to broken screws.

I should not feel anything about things.

Then, I opened the curtain to a familiar rack. 
I slowly gathered thirty-one pairs of my shoes and adjudged their destiny --
The faded, the broken, the ripped and the repeatedly repaired ones.
More than half was exterminated.
After that, I culled the cute polka dresses 
I could no longer wear, 
some Garfield baby tees 
I love to keep but not wear
and the “classics” I always wear 
but should not anymore.
I slowly asphyxiated them;
They rested with my memories inside a black bag. 

I may have murdered some rats and cockroaches in the process,
But then I have more dust-free spaces now as if I reclaimed a war-free zone.
And I must tell you, it feels good to be unfeeling about things even for once.
Now, I can welcome new things in my life.

Copyright 2013 by Gerlie M. Uy